we'll sneak into the promised land

Artist Song Buy
northern portrait  Crazy   buy on itunes
sara groves  All right here  buy on itunes
alias & tarsier  Dr. c  buy on itunes
lambchop  The new cobweb summer  buy on itunes
alan parsons project  Eye in the sky  buy on itunes
the nazz  Op en my eyes  buy on itunes
of montreal  A Sentence of sort in kongsvinger  buy on itunes
carbon leaf  Love, loss, hope, repeat  buy on itunes
the national  It never happened  buy on itunes
jude cole  Speed of life  buy on itunes
chris isaak  I'm not waiting  buy on itunes
the exciters  Tell him  buy on itunes
the litter  Whatcha gonna do about it  buy on itunes
paul cebar & the milwaukeeans  Didn't leave me no ladder  buy on itunes
mark moulin  Humpty dumpty [placebo sessions]  buy on itunes
the displacements  Down and out  buy on itunes
broadcast  Before we be gin  buy on itunes
hezekiah jones  Albert hash  buy on itunes
tom waits  Jockey full of bourbon  buy on itunes
kelly joe phelps  Window grin  buy on itunes
gary allan  Smoke rings in the dark  buy on itunes
parker & lily  Hey sin jau  buy on itunes


The Promised Land means many things to different people. To mixers freemethodist and Avocado Rabbit it might have referred to finally completing their collaboration after weeks of trying out songs before sen ding them back and forth to one another. Individually and, in the case of the mix on this page, it could have a deeper meaning. Each of us knows what wilderness must be crossed before reaching our salvation.

But let's not get too serious. The mix was very enjoyable to put together and to hear the finished product. We think it will put a smile on your face, too.

And here is the quiz: Which band here took its name from a song by The Yardbirds?


Funky Ratchet
Date: 1/29/2009
Very cool collaboration here, guys. Waits and The Nazz are just a couple of my highlights.
Date: 1/29/2009
This obviously merits the AotM Monster seal of approval. Can't wait for the d/l! Thank you both.
Date: 1/29/2009
i love you guys! keep mixing : )
Date: 2/3/2009
not all of this was my cup of tea, but sure enjoyed the Crazy opTner, the Broadcast song and The Exciters. also found Of Montreal and Displacements tunes to be quite catchy, just like your wonderfully saturated cover art. nice work!

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