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More Gems from Rockin' Jim's Groove Yard

Artist Song Buy
Al King  Reconsider Baby (1964)   buy on itunes
Christine Kittrell  I'm a Woman (1962) (orig)  buy on itunes
Ko Ko Taylor  Wang Dang Doodle (1966 #4, #58)  buy on itunes
Gino Parks  That's No Lie (1961)  buy on itunes
Ricky Allen  Cut You A-Loose (1963 #20, #126)  buy on itunes
Roy Lee Johnson  Black Pepper Will Make You Sneeze (1962)  buy on itunes
The Furys  Zing Went the Strings of My Heart (1962, 1963 #92)  buy on itunes
The Contours  It Must Be Love (1963)  buy on itunes
The Crescents  Pink Dominos (1963)  buy on itunes
Little E & The Mello Tone 3  Candy Apple Red Impala (1961)  buy on itunes
Billy Davis & The Legen_ds  Spunky Onions (1960)  buy on itunes
Chuck Edwards  Morning Train (1958)  buy on itunes
Sax Man Brown (J.T. Brown)  Sax Symphonic Boogie (1953)  buy on itunes
Clyde McPhatter  Before I Fall in Love Again (1960)  buy on itunes
Packers  Hole In The Wall (1965 #5, #43)  buy on itunes
Nat King Cole  Midnight Flyer (1959 #12, #51)  buy on itunes
Sonny Knight  If You Want This Love (1964, #71)  buy on itunes
Dee Dee Sharp  I Really Love You (1966 #37, 1965 #78)  buy on itunes
Theola Kilgore  This is My Prayer (1963, #60)  buy on itunes
Soul Brothers Six  I Can't Live Without You (1968)  buy on itunes
Johnny Nash  Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (1964)  buy on itunes
Marvin Jenkins  Big City (1965)  buy on itunes
Mongo Santamaria  Cold Sweat (1968 #49)  buy on itunes
Ray Ch_arles  At The Club (1962 #7, #44)  buy on itunes
Swamp Dogg  Synthetic World (1970)  buy on itunes
Righteous Brothers  B-Flat Blues (1964)  buy on itunes


This was the result of my frie_nd Jim loaning me six more of his Groove Yard CDs. I've cherry picked what I think was the best. None of the artists are
used more than once so I think it gives a good overview. The last one was not on his CDs but was mentioned by him while we ate fish burritos together at a Mexican restaurant. Anyway, hope you all enjoy his and my efforts.The first number following the year is the R&B ch_art position and the number following a comma is the ch_art position on the Pop listings.
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avocado rabbit
Date: 2/2/2009
Some promising material from under the r&b radar brought to light. There's no doubt I'll be listening to this.
Date: 2/3/2009
Thank you AND your frie_nd Jim for all this great music!

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