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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

Ziegfeld Zagfeld

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Conrad Salinger and Wally Heglin  Ziegfeld Follies, Main Title  buy on itunes
Ella Mae Morse  Cow Cow Boogie  buy on itunes
Billy Mure's Supersonic Guitars  Dancing Guitars  buy on itunes
Carol Channing  Housework  buy on itunes
Prince  When Doves Cry  buy on itunes
Dominic Cortese  Vivacita Polka  buy on itunes
Virginia O'Brien  Bring On Those Wonderful Men  buy on itunes
Los Tres Reyes  Tri?ngulo  buy on itunes
Betty Grable  Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey  buy on itunes
Julie Wilson  Unathletic Me  buy on itunes
Luther He?derson & His Orchestra  A-Two-At-A-Time  buy on itunes
Judy Garland and the MGM Studio Chorus  The Interview  buy on itunes
Linda Dela Cruz  Royal Hawaiian Hotel  buy on itunes
Mr. Osie Johnson  I Wish't I Was In Peoria  buy on itunes
Bela Babai & His Cigany Zenekara  If You're Tired of Loving Me  buy on itunes
Phyllis Diller  Beadcraft  buy on itunes
Side B
Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly  The Babbitt and the Bromide  buy on itunes
Tennessee Ernie Ford  The Lonely Man  buy on itunes
Joan Crawford  How Long Will It Last  buy on itunes
His Name Is Alive  The Well  buy on itunes
Pedro Del Valle and Heredia  Baile Por Alegrias  buy on itunes
Lena Horne and the MGM Studio Chorus  Love  buy on itunes
Dick Kesner  The Kiss In Your Eyes  buy on itunes
Mitch Miller and Fri?nds  Tales of Wells Fargo  buy on itunes
Flip Wilson  Ugly People  buy on itunes
Dorothy Provone  Hard Hearted Hannah  buy on itunes
Kathryn Grayson and the MGM Studio Chorus  There's Beauty Everywhere  buy on itunes
Korean Children's Choir  Boat Song (The Hahn River)  buy on itunes
Mike Nichols and Elaine May  Chopin  buy on itunes
Patsy Montana  I Wanna Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart  buy on itunes
Horst Jankowski  Adieu Ciao Ciao Goodbye  buy on itunes


Basically, I've tried to make my own ZIEGFELD FOLLIES-like variety show by featuring several numbers from the film's original soundtrack and then adding a bunch of other songs and bits that Florenz Ziegfeld would surely have included in one of his follies if only he'd had the chance. Pictures and information about the film and this mix can be found on my blog. Looks like you're gonna have to go there to hear it too.
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Date: 3/3/2009
Date: 3/3/2009
avocado rabbit
Date: 3/4/2009
Looks very interesting Alex. Where's the blog?
Date: 3/5/2009
This looks really nice. I'd have liked to have seen that Prince/Mitch Miller double bill...

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