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goody gumdr op in a hoody i hugged god

Artist Song Buy
the rolling stones  paint it black  buy on itunes
led zeppelin  no quarter  buy on itunes
leonard cohen  teachers  buy on itunes
david bowie  please, mr. gravedigger  buy on itunes
bob dylan  in my time of dying  buy on itunes
pixies  wave of mutilation  buy on itunes
joy division  love will tear us apart  buy on itunes
curtis mayfield  to be invisible  buy on itunes
the kinks  acute schizophrenia blues  buy on itunes
the smiths  how soon is now  buy on itunes
new order  in a lonely place  buy on itunes
king crimson  epitaph  buy on itunes
black sabbath  paranoid  buy on itunes
velvet underground  the murder mystery  buy on itunes
tom waits  misery is the river of the world  buy on itunes
radiohead  rabbit in the headlights (david axelrod remix)  buy on itunes
gilbert o sullivan  alone again naturally  buy on itunes
talking heads  sax and violins  buy on itunes
the clash  somebody got murdered  buy on itunes
jimi he ndrix  angel  buy on itunes
miles davis  black comedy  buy on itunes
the beach boys  solar sy stem  buy on itunes
the doors  soul kitchen  buy on itunes
nick drake  parasite  buy on itunes
the beatles  across the universe  buy on itunes


"If you're frightened of dying
and you're holding on,
You'll see devils tearing your life away.
But, if you've made your peace,
Then the devils are really angels
Freeing you from the earth."

There was an error message when submitting the mix. please remove the word e n d from "jimi he ndrix" and please remove "s y s" from the beach boys "solar sy stem" the mix is cursed


Date: 3/5/2009
All these error messages are a p.i.t.a., but this mix is really something! Gilbert O'Sullivan between Talking Heads & Radiohead!?!
Darth Pazuzu
Date: 3/5/2009
Now this is pretty classy! I'm liking what I see here a great deal. (However, although I've just recently become a big Radiohead fanboy, I have yet to hear most of their B-sides, so I'm not yet familiar with Rabbit In The Headlights...) Great se-lections here from the Stones, Led Zep, Dylan (his In My Time Of Dyin' is right up there with Zep's!), JD/NO, Velvets, Crimson, Sabbath, Smiths, Hen-drix (Angel's an awesome ballad), Clash, Doors, and the Fab Four's Across The Universe makes for an awesome closer...!
Date: 4/14/2009
Cursed, but excellent from top to bottom!

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