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CD | Mixed Genre


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clip from Con Air  Now you're talking semantics...  buy on itunes
Psyclon 9  Crwn Thy Frnicatr  buy on itunes
Razed In Black  Overflow  buy on itunes
Stolen Babies  Mind Your Eyes  buy on itunes
Pig  Serial K/iller Thriller  buy on itunes
Combichrist  God Bless  buy on itunes
Queen Adreena  Siamese Almeida  buy on itunes
Rotersand  Exterminate Annihilate Destroy  buy on itunes
Zombie Girl  Bleeder  buy on itunes
Hocico  Love Posing as a Prositute  buy on itunes
Velvet Acid Christ  Fun With Knives  buy on itunes
12 Rounds  Strange Daze  buy on itunes
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum  Gunday's Child  buy on itunes
Diablo Swing Orchestra  Ragdoll Physics  buy on itunes


I don't care what you high-falutin' cineaste types have to say, Con Air is a fantastic movie.


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