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A Dinercourse in Music

Artist Song Buy
Bobby Bloom  Fanta   buy on itunes
Evan Dando & Sabrina Brooke  Summer Wine  buy on itunes
Rodney Carrington  Gin 'n Juice  buy on itunes
Laid Back  Bakerman  buy on itunes
Just Brothers  Sliced Tomatoes  buy on itunes
Seatbelts  The egg and you  buy on itunes
Seatbelts  Diggin' my Potatoe  buy on itunes
Pete Jaques  Hamburgers  buy on itunes
Chico O'Farril and Clark Terry  Spanish Rice  buy on itunes
Spliff  Spagetti Carbonara  buy on itunes
Toad the Wet Sprocket  Chicken  buy on itunes
Cynthia Harrel  Snake Eater  buy on itunes
Bobby Caldwell  Sukiyaki  buy on itunes
Southpark Chef  Chocolate Salty Balls  buy on itunes
Jammin' Jim  Bananas  buy on itunes
Sade  Cherrypie  buy on itunes
Hot Butter  Popcorn  buy on itunes
Ben & The Platano Group  Platano Split  buy on itunes
The Prete.nders  Tequila  buy on itunes
Sarah Vaughan  Black Coffee  buy on itunes
Machito & His Afro-Cubans  Cocktails for two  buy on itunes
Aimee Man  Ballantines  buy on itunes


The idea behind this was to make a mix of tracks that have something to do with food or at least carry some food or ingridients in their titles. After searching through a whole lot of music I now know that there are tons of songs about beverages but not so many about food. My suggestion for enjoying this mix in many different ways: Pick one track from every subgroup and enjoy your very own musical dinner course. Here are the groups:

Track 1 to 3: What's the first thing you order after entering a restaurant? Right: something to drink. So choose from one of the three beverages I offer (please don't hate me for the Rodney Carrington Song, I couldn't resist using it here...)

Tracks 4 to 7: Appetizer
Lets start of with some light food. Choose between Bread, Egg, Potatoe or Tomatoes. For everyone who's interested: The Seatbelts are a japanese Jazzband and the tracks are taken from the "Cowboy Bebop" Soundtrack.

Tracks 8 to 13: The main dish.
Choose something exotic like snakes and frogs, something homemade like Spanish Rice (if you listen closely you'll be able to cook this one, the recipe and how it's done are explained in this song). Also available: fastfood or an italian-german mixture in Spagetti Carbonara. And if your fond of the asian cuisine, well we offer you some Sukiyaki too.

Track 14 - 18: Dessert
Now for the sweet things: chocolate or pie, if you prefer some fruits, well we have that too. In case you wonder: I put "Platano Split" here since it sounds like a tasty icecream (don't get irritated by the 1.40 minutes of drumming crazyness at the begi.nning of the track, the other instruments start after that)

Tracks 19 to 22: One last drink?
Finish your Dinnercourse with a drink or two and then get back home. I hope you enjoyed the stay in our restaurant and come back soon.


Date: 4/9/2009
Tasy treats. Gotta check out a platano split.
Spliff did some cool stuff.
Date: 4/9/2009
Tasy treats. Gotta check out a platano split.
Spliff did some cool stuff.
Date: 4/11/2009
Loving the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack! You got me drooling over here. Talk about ear candy!
avocado rabbit
Date: 4/12/2009
Well it's better than the Carrington song where he asks the girls to show their boobs. Seems like you got all the courses covered, and the piece de resistance is my favorite singer, Aimee Mann. What a repast!
Date: 4/26/2009
Great idea!

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