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CD | Hip Hop/Rap - Hardcore Rap

Redemption Mix

Artist Song Buy
Bob Marley  Remdemption Song  buy on itunes
Theory Of A Dead Man  Bad Girlfriend  buy on itunes
Theory Of A Dead Man  Hate My Life  buy on itunes
Evanescense  Bring Me To Life  buy on itunes
Alabama 3  Woke Up This Morning  buy on itunes
Nickelback  Something In Your Mouth  buy on itunes
Nickelback  Animals  buy on itunes
Nickelback  Rock Star  buy on itunes
Nickelback  This Afternoon  buy on itunes
Lacuna Coil  Spellbound  buy on itunes
SNFU  Better Than Eddie Vedder  buy on itunes
KMK  Peace Not Greed  buy on itunes
Manowar  Brothers Of Metal  buy on itunes
Blind Guardian  Mirror Mirror  buy on itunes


Random Mix. I'm not big into reggae but Bob Marley is the man. I heard "Hate My Life" on the radio while driving and I just started crying. That song is so me. I hate myself for liking Nickelback but I kinda do. It's too catchy and has a good groove. SNFU is also on this wacky mix. Go figure. More people need to listen to SNFU.
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