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Snooze the Alarm!

Artist Song Buy
Tindersticks  Cherry Blossoms  buy on itunes
M. Ward  Fuel for Fire  buy on itunes
Joseph Arthur  You Are the Dark  buy on itunes
Josh Ritter  In the Dark  buy on itunes
American Analog Set  Choir Vandals  buy on itunes
Crowded House  Private Universe  buy on itunes
Laura Veirs  Nightingale  buy on itunes
The Veils  Under the Folding Branches  buy on itunes
Nick Drake  Saturday Sun  buy on itunes
Andrew Bird  Sovay  buy on itunes
Nina Nastasia  Bird of Cuzco  buy on itunes
Crooked Still  Captain, Captain  buy on itunes
Ida  Triptych  buy on itunes
Hem  Hollow  buy on itunes
Pernice Brothers  Shaken Baby  buy on itunes
Winterpills  Hide Me  buy on itunes
Marta G=mez  Eso Pido Yo  buy on itunes
Beth Orton  The Sweetest Decline  buy on itunes
Sparklehorse  Apple Bed  buy on itunes
Aimee Mann  True Believer  buy on itunes


Woah, I haven't posted a mix here in years. I just haven't been able to make one that sounded like any effort was involved. This one seriously took forever to get flowing, since I would get sleepy during the process and start throwing in faster songs by mistake. There are a lot of melancholic songs since they were lullabyish-sounding without being too syrupy. Can't make it too sweet and happy once the mood is set by the Tindersticks.


pink phosphene light
Date: 7/14/2009
Whenever Tindersticks starts off a sleepytime mix I know I'm gonna like it. Not overfamiliar with most of these artists but now I'm just intrigued. And getting sleep during the making-of makes sense, and makes me laugh.
Date: 7/24/2009
Well, well, it is sleepy time down south. Love to see Laura Veirs, Hem, and Aimee Mann. Great collection. G'nite now.

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