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Other Mixes By Umbee

Current Favourites

Artist Song Buy
Emilie Autumn & ASP  Liar (Manic Depressive Mix)  buy on itunes
Schoolyard Heroes  Trust Funds and Trophy Wives  buy on itunes
Freezepop  Less Talk More Rokk  buy on itunes
Haruka Shimotsuki  EXEC_PURGER/.#Aurica extracting  buy on itunes
Blaqk Audio  No New Tale To Tell  buy on itunes
Vocaloid  Alice Human Sacrifice  buy on itunes
Victims of Science  The Device Has Been Modified  buy on itunes
Mio Sakuraba  Le Ali Del Principo  buy on itunes
Zombie Girl  Creepy Crawler  buy on itunes
Yuzo Koshiro  A Sudden Gust of Wind Before Your Eyes  buy on itunes
Akiko Shikata  EXEC_PURGER/.#Misha extracting  buy on itunes
Oomph!  Labyrinth  buy on itunes
InnerPartySystem  Don't Stop  buy on itunes


These are my most liked songs at the moment. Some are recent additions to my music collection, while others are songs I've known and liked for a long time.
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