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Suze de Marchi: Daughter of Frankenstein

Artist Song Buy
Pearl Jam  Corduroy  buy on itunes
Nirvana  Breed [Live]  buy on itunes
Lenny Kravitz  Are You Gonna Go My Way?  buy on itunes
Green Day  When I Come Around  buy on itunes
Revolting Cocks  Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?  buy on itunes
Chakachas  Jungle Fever  buy on itunes
Los Lobos & Antonio Banderas  Cancion del Mariachi  buy on itunes
Slim Dusty  The Indian-Pacific  buy on itunes
The Flaming Lips  Thank You Jack White  buy on itunes
Green Day  Last Ride In  buy on itunes
Paul Kelly  How to Make Gravy  buy on itunes
Mike Post  Theme from 'The A-Team'  buy on itunes
Beastie Boys  Professor Booty  buy on itunes
Us3  Cantaloop  buy on itunes
Funkstar Deluxe feat. Bob Marley  Sun is Shining  buy on itunes
Nelly Furtado  Maneater  buy on itunes
Outkast  Hey Ya  buy on itunes
Shannen Doherty & Jason Lee  Dialogue from 'Mallrats'  buy on itunes
Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine  Down with the Sickness  buy on itunes
Blowhard  Ska Blow  buy on itunes


The 2nd Frankenstein mix concept (which I also missed).

The list-
1. Song with Handclaps
2. Song with "sun" in title or reminds you of summer
3. Song w/o words
4. Cover you like better than original
5. Old song that you heard for 1st time this year
6. Song reminds you of 1st relationship
7. Best song from fav band's worst album
8. Song from place where English is not 1st language or a language you don't speak
9. Song with your name in title
10. Song title = question?
11. A b-side
12. Live version better than studio version
13. Song from year you graduated high school
14. Favorite song from genre/style you usually don't like
15. A sexy song
16. Life is a TV show, this is your theme song or Fav TV theme
17. Song from last album bought/downloaded
18. a song from the 1st AOTM trade
19. song under 1 minute
20. Song from 1st or most recent artist you paid to see
21. Song that makes you cry

Title: Name of first celebrity crush + "Daughter of Frankenstein"

Suze de Marchi - lead singer of the Baby Animals, and hottest woman alive when I was 14...
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