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sampled to death

Side A
Artist Song Buy
stevie wonder  i wish  buy on itunes
james brown  i'm shook  buy on itunes
bernard wright   haloglabotribin [?]  buy on itunes
roy ayers  everybody loves the sunshine  buy on itunes
chic  good times  buy on itunes
kool and the gang   summer madness (live)  buy on itunes
grover washington jr. w/ bill withers  just the two of us  buy on itunes
ohio players  funky worm  buy on itunes
jackson 5  i want you back  buy on itunes
Side B
steely dan  black cow  buy on itunes
patrice rushen   forget-me-nots  buy on itunes
funkadelic  (not just) knee deep  buy on itunes
ray, goodman & brown  another day  buy on itunes
kool and the gang  hollywood swinging  buy on itunes
the staple singers  let's do it again  buy on itunes
parliament  star child (mothership connection)  buy on itunes
roy ayers  running away  buy on itunes
jackson 5  ABC  buy on itunes


i like to pride myself on figuring out where many modern "artists" have basically stolen the hooks they use. made this one awhile ago and gave it away, so i'm reconstructing from memory here. and there are definitely more tracks where these came from- feel free to post your own stolen favorites. it's sorta a drag that so many people think they're listening to will smith when they're actually listening to patrice rushen (or kool and the gang, or stevie wonder, or sister sledge, or......) i can say one thing, tho: when put into the hands of someone who knows what they're doing, sampling can be AMAZING- the most obscure things on here (tracks #4 on each side) were used by brand nubian in the SAME song. it shoudn't have worked, but it did. THAT was hip.
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Date: 6/8/2001
This was a real cool idea. And it helps that the songs are good too. I dig this shit man.
William Nicklas
Date: 6/9/2001
Labi Siffre's I Got The... is a particular fave (Eminem). I just heard I Wish and Pastime Paradise today - it's amazing how little work some people can get into the charts with.
Steve Raglin
Date: 7/13/2001
Bolt, please make yourself and your contributions to Art of the Mix even MORE VISIBLE! Great soul and funk to begin with.. and great concept of figuring out the sampling!
Lissa Crayon
Date: 11/19/2001
i never expected anyone to make a mix like this. this is AWESOME!!!! but i totally know what you mean...cause no one attributes the beats that make these songs so popular to their actual creators.
Date: 4/18/2002
Wow, I just submitted a mix with the same theme (without using any of these tracks), and now I find this! Excellent, a companion piece.

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