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Werewolf Women out on the Town

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Swans  God Loves America  buy on itunes
Death In June  Winter Eagle  buy on itunes
theme from  "Werewolves On Wheels"  buy on itunes
Mort Garson  The Ride of Aida (Voodoo)  buy on itunes
Caethua  God How I Miss Her  buy on itunes
Cold Cave  Cebe and Me  buy on itunes
Keiji Haino & Yoshida Tetsuya  Ddbjifpgorkh  buy on itunes
PONYBOY  Goth Jame  buy on itunes
The Lady In The Radiator  In Heaven  buy on itunes
Law of the Rope  Beasts Will Have You...  buy on itunes
Eyvind Kang  Consensit Spiritus  buy on itunes
Side B
Striborg  Interval III  buy on itunes
ASkon Kddtrdh  The Dark Winter II  buy on itunes
children's music from  "Night of the Hunter"  buy on itunes
Blessure Grave  Steps  buy on itunes
Jandek  Crazy  buy on itunes
the Indestructible Beat of Palo Alto  Village People of the Damned  buy on itunes
Diamanda Galas  Let My People Go  buy on itunes
Prurient  The Briary (Strange Place of Death)  buy on itunes
Modv÷t  Ehepr Abgzvoryaerv - Chant d'TternitT II  buy on itunes
Chris Corsano  Why Are Some Cricket Coaches Better Than Others?  buy on itunes
Ches Smith  Madison  buy on itunes


REQUESTED: "i'm sort of into stuff that is low key but has dance beats simultaneously right now. like telepathe or the xx. i like music that sounds like a pack of werewolve women about to go out on the town. i also like just new stuff, generally. you listen to lots of things i've never heard of. hook it up."
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