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Playlist | Mixed Genre
Playlist | Mixed Genre

memorie and footsteps

Artist Song Buy
Henryk G=recki   Gorecki's Symphony No.3, "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs",  buy on itunes
God is a Dj  Faithless  buy on itunes
U2  Stuck in a moment  buy on itunes
Depeche Mode  Walking in my shoes  buy on itunes
Placebo  Sleeping with ghosts  buy on itunes
Rammstein  Mein herz brennt  buy on itunes
Dead Can Dance  Rakim  buy on itunes
Phillip Glass  Koyaanisqatsi  buy on itunes
Safri Duo  Played alive  buy on itunes
Shaggy  It wasn't me  buy on itunes
Outkast  Ms.Jackson  buy on itunes
Apollo 440  Stealth mass in F#M  buy on itunes
Herman Brood  My way  buy on itunes


this mix has been made for a friend of mine that is dying off an brain tumor. This music represent the time we had, and represent how we were and still will be
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Darth Pazuzu
Date: 9/24/2009
Don't really know much here besides the U2 song, but you have my condolences regardless. I'm sure your friend would have strongly appreciated it. BTW, screw cancer! My mom passed away back in '05, after fighting a long, hard battle for almost eight years. The one thing I'm really sad about is that I never got to make any mixes for her. I owe so much of my own musical tastes to her.

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