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Playlist | Theme - Depression

The Desperate Measures Mix

Artist Song Buy
Jana Hunter  The Angle  buy on itunes
Carissa's Wierd  You Should Be Hated Here  buy on itunes
CocoRosie  Lyla  buy on itunes
The One AM Radio  Away, into the Night  buy on itunes
The Good Life  The Competition  buy on itunes
Metallic Falcons  Pale Dog  buy on itunes
Phosphorescent  Dead Heart  buy on itunes
The Whispertown 2000  New York Minute  buy on itunes
Joanna Newsom  Swansea  buy on itunes
I Love You Too...  buy on itunes
Holopaw  Teacup Woozy  buy on itunes
Windsor For The Derby  A Spring Like Sixty  buy on itunes
Tilly & The Wall  Coughing Colors  buy on itunes
Antony & The Johnsons  Hope There's Someone  buy on itunes


Very, very desperate.
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Trish Mullins
Date: 12/13/2009
Being a member of art of the mix how are folks depressed?Your mixes are there for all to see!

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