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CD | Hip Hop/Rap - Hardcore Rap

(untitled) Mix

Artist Song Buy
Incubus  Vitamin  buy on itunes
Incubus  New Skin  buy on itunes
The Transplants  Diamonds And Guns  buy on itunes
Smile Empty Soul  Every Sunday  buy on itunes
Green Day  One Of My Lies  buy on itunes
Green Day  Dry Ice  buy on itunes
Rancid  Fall Back Down  buy on itunes
Sublime  40 Oz To Freedom  buy on itunes
Sublime  Seed  buy on itunes
Sublime  Pool Shark  buy on itunes
Bob Marley  Get Up, Stand Up  buy on itunes
Snot  Get Some  buy on itunes
Good Charlotte  Festival Song  buy on itunes
Hot Action Cop  Fever For The Flavor  buy on itunes
N.E.R.D.  Rock Star  buy on itunes
Anthrax  Safe Home  buy on itunes
Billy Idol  White Wedding  buy on itunes
The Who  Behind Blue Eyes  buy on itunes
Blind Melon  No Rain  buy on itunes
The Offspring  No Hero  buy on itunes
Bobby Gaylor  Suicide  buy on itunes


This mix was made during a dark time for me. I didn't even name this mix; a big rarity for me.This mix was made years ago when I was really upset with the world. I believe I was in high school. I'm not gonna get into it, but the music helped then as it helps now. There's old school Green Day and Incubus and other songs I was into at the time. Admittedly, I liked Good Charlotte when they first came out but now they just suck to me. They aren't even close to sounding like a punk band. I was young though.
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jacob v
Date: 12/19/2009
hell yes! "one of my lies" is awesome. old green day is soooo good. they used to be my favorite band when i was younger. the first piece of music i ever got was green day's 'dookie' on cassette, and then 'kerplunk' on cd and i was hooked. the rancid song isn't bad either. i bought the cd during a musical taste transition, so i didn't get all too into their stuff after 'life won't wait' and 'wolves'. i'll have to check out that transplants song. i remember being psyched about it them when they came out, and then i heard their songs and was bummed out. then later travis barker and skinhead rob where featured on bun b's 'trill' album, and the song wasn't that bad. there's also a lot of other songs i used to enjoy a lot on here. also, in your description, i appreciate your honesty about the background about the music. a+ for your high school mix, boss.

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