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Like A Blanket

Side A
Artist Song Buy
The Knock-ups   Johnny are you Queer  buy on itunes
Ida (Neil Young)  Everybody Knows this is Nowhere  buy on itunes
Sarge (Cyndi Lauper)  Time After Time  buy on itunes
The 1, 4, 5's   Greased Lightining  buy on itunes
Weezer (The Pixies)  Velouria  buy on itunes
Aimee Mann  One  buy on itunes
Yo La Tengo (The Beach Boys)  Little Honda  buy on itunes
Ida (Prince)  Dirty Mind  buy on itunes
Macha Loved Bedhead (Cher)  Believe  buy on itunes
Tullycraft (The Judy's)   Mental Obsession  buy on itunes
Side B
Cat Power (Lou Reed)  I Found A Reason  buy on itunes
Cap n Jazz (A-HA)  Take on Me  buy on itunes
Rasputina   You Don't Own Me  buy on itunes
The Donna's  School's Out  buy on itunes
Built to Spill (Marine Research)  By the Way   buy on itunes
Foo Fighters  Baker Street   buy on itunes
Ida (The Secret Stars)  Shoe-In  buy on itunes
MileMarker (The Pixies)  Tame  buy on itunes
The Mountain Goats (Ace of Base)  I Saw The sign   buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


I was bored.....and I like singing along in my car. I tried to write down who did the original, but I'm a little lazy so I didn't look too hard....feel free to help me out....


Date: 6/15/2001
dude this looks really cool ... and i love that rasputina cover
Date: 6/15/2001
Baker Street was originally done by Gerry Rafferty.
sam schulz
Date: 6/15/2001
judging purely by the title, i'd say that at first glance the donnas' version of "school's out" is a cover of the alice cooper one (assuming it does the old "school's out for the summer / school's out forever" thing). but i've never heard said donnas cover, so what do i know...
Date: 6/15/2001
I was JUST listening to that Rasputina cover in the car and thinking how good it was. Also the Weezer and Ida's Prince cover are great. good job.
Date: 6/16/2001
best cover i've seen so far.
Date: 7/4/2002
"johnny are you queer" was by josie cotton.

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