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i think that i can heal it with this song

Side A
Artist Song Buy
michael nyman band  memorial  buy on itunes
fog  whom that hits walls  buy on itunes
the raincoats  no side to fall in  buy on itunes
andrew jackson jihad  people ii: the reckoning  buy on itunes
wet nose hero  fucking city  buy on itunes
fog  the girl from the gum commercial  buy on itunes
lcd soundsystem  all my friends  buy on itunes
scout niblett  yr beat kicks back like death!  buy on itunes
why?  ferris wheel  buy on itunes
chris yang  over here, over there  buy on itunes
Side B
laurie anderson  o superman (for massanet)  buy on itunes
werner herzog  father umbrillo's broken nation  buy on itunes
a silver mount zion  13 angels standing guard 'round the side of your bed  buy on itunes
nina simone  since my lover has gone  buy on itunes
timber timbre  it's only dark  buy on itunes
pj harvey and nick cave  henry lee  buy on itunes
wet nose hero  congratulations ha ha ha  buy on itunes
shirley field  chime bells  buy on itunes
d.  unknown  buy on itunes
low  little argument with myself  buy on itunes
sigur ros  heysßtan (heim version)  buy on itunes
leonard cohen  minute prologue (live)  buy on itunes


for kate, sometime in 2009, i believe.

- you'll recognize the first song. i think this song is always going to remind me of being in your mom's van, driving around in snowstorms, wondering if we're going to make it to the next destination.
- there are two fog songs on this mix because i know you will love fog. i am never sure which songs of his to pick as introduction songs, but hopefully these work for you. one is from the ep "hummer" and one is from the album "ether teeth."
- the raincoats is the most valuable record i own. ha! this is probably my favourite "cleaning my room and singing along loudly" album.
- sean from andrew jackson jihad had just written this song when i met him. i was on tour at the time and we needed a place to stay after a show at the trunk space in phoenix; we ended up at sean's house and there was a 'party' going on. we all ended up playing music for each other all night. this is the first song he played for us, and all our jaws dropped.
- i didn't know which sarah mangle / wet nose hero song to pick at all--especially because it would be harder for you to 'download' this album if you were into it, or whatever. 'fucking city' has been especially important to me lately. i put another one, the title track of the album, 'congratulations ha ha ha,' on the b side since i could. i thought i'd give you a contrast between her being quiet and her being loud.
- this lcd soundsystem song got me through last winter. that's why i started referring to the song i wrote about that winter as 'all my friends.' i downloaded this album on a whim because i sort of liked his last one, it had a few moments for me, and then this album totally surprised and shocked me because it was so catchy and great, but also totally raw and intense somehow.
- whenever we listen to this scout niblett song, and she says: "we don't know when," me and kristina yell out: "2012!"
- this why? song is the first on 'oaklandazulasylum,' which for a long time was the only why? album i had heard, and which you still haven't! maybe this will get you stoked.
- i recently had a conversation with chris about how this is probably my favourite song of his. i've only seen him play it once, because there's only been one show where i've seen him play the piano.

- i think this laurie anderson song is one of the most important songs ever written.
- this werner herzog sample is from harmony korine's newest film, 'mister lonely.' the silver mount zion song that follows is the song that plays immediately processing this speech in the film, and is also played over one of the most beautiful sequences i have ever seen on film. i actually cried with joy during this sequence when i saw it in the theatre; i normally only cry at things that make me sad in movies.
- this nina simone song is from the record i bought on tour.
- we've talked endlessly about timber timbre, i'm sure. when he plays this song live, he loops all these weird animal noises and bird calls that he makes with his mouth and some weird whistles and it's one of the coolest things i've ever seen.
- i haven't been able to stop listening to nick cave's 'murder ballads' again lately, this song in particular. jason seems to hate nick cave, so i'm not sure how you feel about him (or pj harvey, for that matter), but hopefully you'll like this song.
- sarah and dee bought me this shirley field at a thrift store a few years ago for my birthday, and it's one of my favourite records to listen to.
- i don't know what this song by dee is called because there's no track names on the cd she gave me. but, holy shit.
- low is my favourite band so it's hard not to have at least one song by them. this is the one that i felt fit.
- i wanted to end on an optimistic note; this leonard cohen song i feel does that.


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