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Playlist | Theme - Sleep
Playlist | Theme - Sleep
Playlist | Theme - Sleep

Annoy the neighbors Pt.3

Artist Song Buy
Garbage  Supervixen  buy on itunes
Hugo Montenegro  Give Me the Simple Life  buy on itunes
Herzog  Paul Blart And The Death Of Art  buy on itunes
Henry Burr  Little Alabama coon  buy on itunes
Harvey Milk  Dating Pressures  buy on itunes
Harold Faltermeyer  Diggin' In  buy on itunes
Don Dixon  Teenage Suicide (Don't Do It)  buy on itunes
Grinderman  Evil  buy on itunes
Grandaddy  Winners  buy on itunes
Dillinger Escape Plan  Rebel Yell (BBC Rock Show Session)  buy on itunes
Goran Bregovic  Gypsy Reggae  buy on itunes
Goblin Cock  We Got A Bleeder  buy on itunes
Giant Drag  God Only Knows  buy on itunes
gene vincent  be bop a lula  buy on itunes
Garbage  Hammering In My Head  buy on itunes
Big Black  Tiny, King Of The Jews  buy on itunes
The Frisk  Basket Of Snakes  buy on itunes
Fred Rogers - Josey Carey  Smile  buy on itunes
Feeling B  Kim Wilde  buy on itunes
Dizzee Rascal  Excuse Me Please  buy on itunes
Destroy All Monsters  Mom's And Dad's Pussy  buy on itunes
Elvis Presley  Hound Dog  buy on itunes
Deerhoof  Cast Off Crown  buy on itunes
The Fastbacks  Time & Matter  buy on itunes
Fant(mas & Melvins Big Band  Ripping Chicken Meat  buy on itunes
Fant(mas  Cape Fear  buy on itunes
Al Stewart  Sirens of Titan  buy on itunes
EyeHateGod  Serving Time In The Middle Of Nowhere  buy on itunes
Betty Blowtorch  I've Been So Mad Lately  buy on itunes
+rick D'Orion  Salo  buy on itunes


(Pt. 3 - Tracks 60-90) My upstairs neighbors had, for the last six weeks, regularly blasted their dumb electronica through my ceiling after 11:30pm for hours on weeknights, in spite of pleas and ceiling thumping and other unholy appeals. So I built this mix, with which to respond and through which I think I can sleep, or at least smile. Results from trial #1 - within the first 6 minutes of track #1 (in pt 1), they turned it down significantly - so I shut it off as a fair warning. But the unforeseen side-effect of putting this together is that I cannot wait until they push my buttons again...
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