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Playlist | Theme - Sleep
Playlist | Theme - Sleep
Playlist | Theme - Sleep

Annoy the neighbors Pt.4

Artist Song Buy
The Electric Company  Electric Company March  buy on itunes
Faith No More  We Care A Lot  buy on itunes
Eldritch  Silent Flame  buy on itunes
The Early  Ore/Wilderness  buy on itunes
Dwarves  Salt Lake City  buy on itunes
Drive-By Truckers  Too Much Sex (too little Jesus)  buy on itunes
The Dresden Dolls  My Alcoholic Friends  buy on itunes
Dread Zeppelin  Immigrant Song  buy on itunes
Death From Above 1979  Black History Month  buy on itunes
Dead Kennedys  Soup Is Good Food  buy on itunes
David Lynch  Black Tambourine (Beck)  buy on itunes
DIO  08-Rainbow In The Dark  buy on itunes
Dananananaykroyd  Hey Everyone  buy on itunes
Crystal Castles  CRYSTAL_CASTLES_-_DOE_DEER  buy on itunes
The Contours  Do you love me  buy on itunes
Captain Beefheart  My Human Gets Me Blues  buy on itunes
Destroy All Monsters  Boots (1976)  buy on itunes
Broadcast  Pendulum  buy on itunes
Bluebeard  Paint it Black  buy on itunes
Demons & Wizards  White Room [Cream]  buy on itunes
Blood Brothers  Rats and rats and rats for candy  buy on itunes
Black Vomit  Deluge From Hell  buy on itunes
Black Moth Super Rainbow  I Am the Alphabet  buy on itunes
The Black Dahlia Murder  Worship Only What You Bleed  buy on itunes
The Birthday Party  Blast Off  buy on itunes
Big City Rock  All of the above  buy on itunes
Butt Trumpet  Shutup  buy on itunes
Aus Rotten  When You Support These Fucking Bastards  buy on itunes
The Ass Baboons Of Venus  Baby Sitter Devoid Of Odor  buy on itunes
Big Black  Deep Six  buy on itunes


(Pt. 4 - Tracks 90-120) My upstairs neighbors had, for the last six weeks, regularly blasted their dumb electronica through my ceiling after 11:30pm for hours on weeknights, in spite of pleas and ceiling thumping and other unholy appeals. So I built this mix, with which to respond and through which I think I can sleep, or at least smile. Results from trial #1 - within the first 6 minutes of track #1 (in pt 1), they turned it down significantly - so I shut it off as a fair warning. But the unforeseen side-effect of putting this together is that I cannot wait until they push my buttons again...
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Date: 3/23/2011
Aus Rotten rule!

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