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CD | Hip Hop/Rap - Hardcore Rap

Nu-Metal Mix

Artist Song Buy
KoRn  Got The Life  buy on itunes
Limp Bizkit  Faith  buy on itunes
Disturbed  Voices  buy on itunes
Linkin Park  One Step Closer  buy on itunes
System Of A Down  Toxicity  buy on itunes
ill Nino  What Comes Around  buy on itunes
Godsmack  Keep Away  buy on itunes
Kittie  Brackish  buy on itunes
Staind  Just Go  buy on itunes
FLAW  Whole  buy on itunes
Drowning Pool  Tear Away  buy on itunes
Static X  Black And White  buy on itunes
pApA Roach  Broken Home  buy on itunes
Incubus  Pardon Me  buy on itunes
Adema  Freaking Out  buy on itunes
Powerman 5000  Nobody's Real  buy on itunes
MuDvAyNe  Dig  buy on itunes
P.O.D.  Youth Of The Nation  buy on itunes
Spineshank  Synthetic  buy on itunes
dope  Die MF Die  buy on itunes


you know you are nu metal when: you sing about life and family problems; you want to be left alone; you scream about people not understanding you; you play Ozzfest; you have lots of piercings; you have more than 4 members in the band; you wear interesting makeup; your stage clothes can best be described as "quirky"; your bands dabbles in hip hop; Family Values Tour- yeah we're playing; Korn was a huge inspiration; your band has a DJ; you curse A LOT, and you have de-tuned guitars with no solos. Slipknot was not chosen but I could have included them. They were just more heavy and fucking metal more so than the others; masks be damned. Nu-Metal was a turn of the century wacked out version of hair metal- minus the good times. It was singing about bad times. Instead of huge hair it was outrageous and gothic stage wear. hip hop and electronica creeped its way in with the standard metal guitar. I was really into it but after awhile the albums got repetitive and uncreative and I grew up wanting more. Most of the bands on here are legitimately good bands and artists. Some of them still have respectable and relevant careers.
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