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Thank You Cambridge, Good F***in' Night!

Artist Song Buy
The Buzzcocks  Ever Fallen In Love  buy on itunes
Cheap Trick  He's A Whore  buy on itunes
Camper Van Beethoven  Take The Skinheads Bowling  buy on itunes
Modern Lovers  Government Center  buy on itunes
Talking Heads  Psycho Killer  buy on itunes
The Germs  Lexicon Devil  buy on itunes
The Real Kids  All Kindsa Girls  buy on itunes
The Real Kids  Do The Boob  buy on itunes
Devo  Uncontrollable Urge  buy on itunes
Devo  Mongoloid  buy on itunes
The Fall  Psycho Mafia  buy on itunes
The Sonics  Strychnine  buy on itunes
Flipper  Sex Bomb  buy on itunes


Some friends and I are working on starting a cover band for fun (with me as the singer), and I was asked to make a cd of songs to to start learning. A certain vague "punk, garage rock, and new wave/post punk" theme started emerging just via discussing what songs to cover, so I mostly stuck with that.


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