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Testermix - Summer '09

Artist Song Buy
Jonathan Coulton  Code Monkey   buy on itunes
Fall Out Boy  She's My Winona   buy on itunes
Destiny Worldwide  Trade It All   buy on itunes
Ludacris  Down in the Dirty (Co-Starring Rick Ross & Bun B)  buy on itunes
BT  Madskillz - Mic Chekka   buy on itunes
The Crystal Method  Sine Language (feat. LMFAO)   buy on itunes
Uncharted: the Eldorado Megamix  DJ Shadow  buy on itunes
100% Dundee  The Roots  buy on itunes
War  Little Brother  buy on itunes
Safe to Say  Valencia  buy on itunes
Queso, I Have an Idea  Goodnight Sunrise  buy on itunes
Flight Through Jerusalem  Jesper Kyd  buy on itunes
Battlefield Theme (Chamber Version)  Mikael Karlsson  buy on itunes
The Decisive Battle  S.S.H.  buy on itunes
Motivation  Quietdrive  buy on itunes
The Rain  Missy Elliott  buy on itunes
Over You  Acceptance  buy on itunes
Buy Me a Condo  Weird Al Yankovic  buy on itunes
M4 Part II  Faunts  buy on itunes
(Bonus Track) We're the Robots  Ippo Yamada  buy on itunes


This was the mix the re-got me into making mixes. My best friend had moved away to Denver the previous year, and I planned to visit him during the summer of 2009. We're both pretty steeped in music, so I wanted to make him a mix of everything new I was listening to at the time. I made sure to include a little of everything from my known stable of preferred genres: pop punk, hip hop, and electronic. At the time, I was also starting to get heavily into gaming soundtracks, which is why I chose to include cuts from games like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (the El Dorado remix), Assassin's Creed (Flight Through Jerusalem), and Battlefield: Bad Company (Battlefield Theme).

Many of my favorite artists are featured on this mix (Fall Out Boy, Goodnight Sunrise, The Roots, Little Brother), but got a bit caught up in the "make it new" aspect, and included several tracks from acts that I'm only partially into at best (Valencia, Destiny Worldwide).

Still, I'm very satisfied with this mix, if only because of how vividly I can recall the drive down to Denver. It was never meant to relaunch the Testermix brand, but in retrospect, this little CD lead to many others.


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