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BC-60: Part 3

Artist Song Buy
Darling Pet Munkee  MONSTER S-I-Z-E MONSTERS   buy on itunes
John Felice & The Lowdowns  I'll Never Sing That Song Again   buy on itunes
The Motion Sick  30 Lives   buy on itunes
Tanya Donnelly  Pretty Deep  buy on itunes
The Shods  Low, Lower, Lowest, Lowell   buy on itunes
Robin Lane and the Chartbusters  When Things Go Wrong  buy on itunes
The Downbeat 5  My Way  buy on itunes
Atlantics  Lonelyhearts  buy on itunes
Emergency Music  Talk To Me  buy on itunes
Mellow Bravo  Highs and Lows   buy on itunes
The Grownup Noise  Carnival  buy on itunes
Buffalo Tom  Birdbrain   buy on itunes
Wicked Whiskey  Whiskey, Women, & Sin  buy on itunes
Orbit  Medicine   buy on itunes
The Charms  Action  buy on itunes
Kristin Hersh  Your Ghost   buy on itunes
Mission of Burma  This Is Not A Photograph   buy on itunes
Pixies  U-Mass   buy on itunes


Bob Colby is a long-time follower of (and participator in) the Boston rock scene - The Real Kids' "Do The Boob" was inspired by him, and saw The Modern Lovers in 1970, back when they were going by The Highway Dance Band. This was the house music I provided between bands at an all-day show in honor of his 60th birthday. The majority of these bands or songs were requested by Colby himself, and almost all of the acts represented have some sort of history in Boston. Posted in three parts because of the limits on how many tracks a mix can have.


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