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Road trips are for thinkers

Artist Song Buy
The Fire Theft  Uncle Mountain  buy on itunes
Burning Airlines  3 - Pacific 231_2  buy on itunes
Coconut Records  West Coast  buy on itunes
Alt-J  Breezeblocks  buy on itunes
Son, Ambulance  Sex in C Minor  buy on itunes
Andrew Jackson Jihad  Personal Space Invader  buy on itunes
Soul Coughing  True Dreams Of Wichita  buy on itunes
Of Montreal  We Were Born the Mutants Again With Leafling  buy on itunes
Passion Pit  Sleepyhead  buy on itunes
Songs; Ohia  Soul  buy on itunes
The Twilight Singers  Powder Burns  buy on itunes
Tim Kasher  There Must Be Something I've Lost  buy on itunes
Blind Melon  01 - The Pusher  buy on itunes
Otis Redding Sings Soul  Down In The Valley  buy on itunes
Built To Spill  Kicked It In The Sun  buy on itunes
Thin Lizzy  Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me in Its Spotlight)  buy on itunes
Ramona Falls  Spore  buy on itunes
The Twilight Singers  Get Lucky  buy on itunes
Menomena  One Horse  buy on itunes
The Beach Boys  I Know There's An Answer (Stereo Mix)  buy on itunes


Made sure there where enough peaks and valleys in this one. I disappeared for a bit but now I'm back
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controlled catastrophe
Date: 1/12/2013
Great choice with AJJ. I haven't listened to Of Montreal in years but you've just reminded me that they're pretty awesome. Great mix! :)

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