#258 - But I Am Held In Some Invisible Vise, And I Can't Get Away

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Jimmy Page [+ Chris Farlowe]  Who's To Blame  buy on itunes
Voivod  Clouds In My House   buy on itunes
Trevor Jones  The Wedding  buy on itunes
The Who [+ Ann-Margret & Oliver Reed]  1951 / What About The Boy?  buy on itunes
Dio  Holy Diver   buy on itunes
Motley Crue  Save Our Souls  buy on itunes
Siouxsie & The Banshees  Happy House  buy on itunes
Cheap Trick  Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School   buy on itunes
Hedwig & The Angry Inch  Sugar Daddy  buy on itunes
The Band  Chest Fever   buy on itunes
Stone Temple Pilots  Wonderful  buy on itunes
Heart  Little Queen   buy on itunes
The Cars  The Little Black Egg  buy on itunes
Dead Boys  What Love Is   buy on itunes
Soul Asylum  To My Own Devices   buy on itunes
John Mellencamp  I Need A Lover   buy on itunes
Asia  Cutting It Fine   buy on itunes
Living Colour  Auslander   buy on itunes
Blue Oyster Cult  Lonely Teardrops  buy on itunes
The Monkees  I'll Be Back Upon My Feet   buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go   buy on itunes
Side B
John Williams [w / Tim Morrison, trumpet]  JFK Prologue [instrumental]  buy on itunes
Wang Chung  To Live And Die In L.A.   buy on itunes
W.A.S.P.  Doctor Rockter   buy on itunes
Whitesnake  Wings Of The Storm   buy on itunes
Foo Fighters  Live-In Skin   buy on itunes
Robert Plant  The Greatest Gift   buy on itunes
Yes  Don't Go   buy on itunes
Gene Loves Jezebel  Twenty Killer Hurts   buy on itunes
The Nightcrawlers  The Little Black Egg   buy on itunes
Ramones  Carbona Not Glue   buy on itunes
Aerosmith  Pink   buy on itunes
Sting [+ Eric Clapton]  We'll Be Together  buy on itunes
Corrosion Of Conformity  World On Fire  buy on itunes
Ozzy Osbourne  No Bone Movies   buy on itunes
AC/DC  Chase The Ace [instrumental]  buy on itunes
Rolling Stones  Through The Lonely Nights  buy on itunes
Jeff Beck  Over The Rainbow [instrumental]  buy on itunes
Roger Waters [+ Eric Clapton]  5.06 AM (Every Stranger's Eyes)  buy on itunes
Extreme  Peace (Saudade)   buy on itunes


This mix was originally submitted to Zen Running Order on July 22, 2010. The original notes and/or comments are as follows...

Darth Pazuzu (07-22-2010):
Well, it finally came! Yes, the CD import of Jimmy Page's Death Wish II soundtrack from 1982 that my dad ordered for my birthday present finally arrived yesterday, and now I'm finally one step closer to completing several other mixes I have percolating in my head! It'll take a while longer to get all of them put together, because that's only ONE step, and there's still quite a few songs I have in mind that I don't actually have yet. But I'm getting there, trust me... ;)

"Who's To Blame" / "The Greatest Gift" - I'd like to dedicate these two POST-Led Zeppelin numbers to Electric Magic, who has only just now posted a mix of PRE-Led Zeppelin numbers! :)

"Happy House" - Dedicated to Mr. Mirage, and all the other goths out there! :)

"Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School" < "Sugar Daddy" - Funny, clever, or just plain dodgy? You be the judge!

"Chest Fever" - Man oh man, does Garth Hudson have just the absolutely most gnarliest organ sound on this song or what?

"The Little Black Egg" (X 2) - A cover version of the Nightcrawlers' garage-rock classic from the Cars, as well as the '65 original!

"We'll Be Together" / "5.06 AM (Every Stranger's Eyes)" - If I had realized at the time that Eric Clapton had played on both of these tracks, I might have put them on separate discs. But I guess I can let it slide, because he's basically a sideman on both tracks as opposed to a full-time member of Sting and Roger Waters' bands. (Yes, it's a rather arbitrary loophope, I'll fully admit!) Plus, I figure as long as there are only TWO tracks featuring the same overlapping musicians - and no more - within any one mix, then it's probably more or less a forgivable transgression of my own rules.)

doowad (07-22-2010):
I definitely agree with you on Garth.

Texas Hobart (07-22-2010):
Happy Birthday to you!

Darth Pazuzu (07-22-2010):
Thank you, Texas Hobart! It was actually almost two months ago (May 31), but hey! It's the thought that counts, right? (And that's how long it took for that Death Wish II import to arrive!) :-)

njr (07-23-2010):
The Who's Tommy: sounds of summers past. Thank for the old and the new, and best wishes on your birthday!

Mixxer (07-23-2010):
Nice work Darth. Didn't realize that The Cars had covered Little Black Egg. Lots of great stuff here.


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