#260 - I Don't Have Much To Give, But I Can Open Any Door

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Angelo Badalamenti  Blue Velvet: Main Title [instrumental]  buy on itunes
Dio  Stand Up And Shout   buy on itunes
Blue Oyster Cult  Dr. Music  buy on itunes
Holy Barbarians [w / Ian Astbury]  Space Junkie  buy on itunes
Cheap Trick  Let Go  buy on itunes
Jeff Beck [w / Rod Stewart]  Let Me Love You  buy on itunes
Quiet Riot  Don't Wanna Let You Go   buy on itunes
Lynyrd Skynyrd  I Ain't The One   buy on itunes
Eurythmics  There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)   buy on itunes
Pearl Jam  Save You   buy on itunes
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  Hang On To A Dream  buy on itunes
Electric Light Orchestra  Waterfall   buy on itunes
John Entwistle  Do The Dangle  buy on itunes
Blind Faith [w / Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood]  Presence Of The Lord  buy on itunes
Hanoi Rocks  Desperados  buy on itunes
Warrior Soul  Ass-Kickin   buy on itunes
Soul Asylum  Promises Broken   buy on itunes
The Beatles  I'll Be On My Way  buy on itunes
Heart  How Can I Refuse   buy on itunes
The Cars  Door To Door   buy on itunes
Judas Priest  United   buy on itunes
Side B
John Williams  Theme From Jaws [instrumental]  buy on itunes
Living Colour  Never Satisfied   buy on itunes
Iron Maiden  Stranger In A Strange Land   buy on itunes
Hole  Credit In The Straight World   buy on itunes
King Crimson  ProzaKc Blues [live]  buy on itunes
AC/DC  Whiskey On The Rocks   buy on itunes
Nazareth  Whiskey Drinkin' Woman   buy on itunes
U2  Walk To The Water   buy on itunes
Robert Plant  Great Spirit   buy on itunes
King's X  Send A Message   buy on itunes
KISS  A World Without Heroes   buy on itunes
Voivod  Nuclear War   buy on itunes
Slayer  Divine Intervention   buy on itunes
Wayne Kramer  The Red Arrow  buy on itunes
Queensryche  Hero  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  When The Deal Goes Down   buy on itunes
Jimmy Page [+ Chris Farlowe]  Blues Anthem (If I Cannot Have Your Love...)  buy on itunes


This mix was originally submitted to Zen Running Order on August 30, 2010. The original notes and/or comments are as follows...

Darth Pazuzu (08-30-2010):
Well, I know it's certainly been a while since I've come up with anything brand spanking new. But now I've just recently come up with not one, but TWO! I stayed up and pulled an all-nighter last Saturday, staying up until 5:00 FREAKIN' A.M!! That's exactly the sort of dedication I am capable of giving to mixing, although it's rare that I actually stay up THAT late!

"I'll Be On My Way" - This Beatles track was originally recorded for a BBC session in '63, but they never actually released it themselves - until the 1994 "Live At The BBC" compilation, that is. Instead it was given to Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, I believe...

"How Can I Refuse" < "Door To Door" < "United" - The very first sequence that I conceived of for this mix was the one that concludes DISC #1. Why THESE particular tracks? I don't know, I just had a good feeling about it! ;)

doowad (08-31-2010):
Okay, I told you I would only comment on new mixes. I'm always happy to see Eurythmics and Entwistle, as well as Bob naturally.


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