#264 - Sometimes You Break A Finger On The Upper Hand

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Ministry  Scare Crow   buy on itunes
W.A.S.P.  When The Levee Breaks   buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  House Of The Risin' Sun   buy on itunes
Kansas  Carry On Wayward Son   buy on itunes
The Allman Brothers Band  Whipping Post   buy on itunes
Nirvana  Opinion   buy on itunes
The Cars  Candy-O   buy on itunes
Kings Of Leon  Back Down South  buy on itunes
Bad Company  Hey, Hey  buy on itunes
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  Teach Your Children   buy on itunes
Manic Street Preachers  Train In Vain  buy on itunes
Elton John  Bennie And The Jets   buy on itunes
Soundgarden  Black Rain   buy on itunes
John Paul Jones  Crackback  buy on itunes
AC/DC  Snowballed   buy on itunes
Rolling Stones  Going Home  buy on itunes
Side B
Whitesnake  Best Years  buy on itunes
Them Crooked Vultures  New Fang   buy on itunes
Jimmy Page  City Sirens  buy on itunes
Beastie Boys  Bennie And The Jets  buy on itunes
Sebastian Bach  American Metalhead   buy on itunes
Accept  Slaves To Metal   buy on itunes
Sammy Hagar  Heavy Metal   buy on itunes
Judas Priest  Heavy Metal   buy on itunes
Smashing Pumpkins  Heavy Metal Machine   buy on itunes
Helix  Heavy Metal Love   buy on itunes
Danzig  Cantspeak   buy on itunes
Simon & Garfunkel  The Sounds Of Silence   buy on itunes
Voivod  Freedoom  buy on itunes
Germs  American Leather  buy on itunes
Living Colour  Should I Stay Or Should I Go   buy on itunes
Robert Plant  Like I've Never Been Gone   buy on itunes
The Animals  House Of The Rising Sun   buy on itunes
A Perfect Circle  When The Levee Breaks   buy on itunes
Blue Oyster Cult  Light Years Of Love  buy on itunes


This mix was originally submitted to Zen Running Order on November 27, 2010. The original notes and/or comments are as follows...

Darth Pazuzu (11-27-2010):
After a prolonged absence, I'm rather keen on making up for lost time! ;) So here's my second in a whole slew of mixes I've had stuck in my head while being deprived of the appropriate discs! And there's more where THIS came from...

"Scare Crow" - This nightmarishly intense Ministry track, from 1992's "Psalm 69," always struck me as being very similar to Led Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks," having a very similar beat and tempo and even being in the same key. Which I thought would be perfect as a lead-in to...

"When The Levee Breaks" (X 2) - Having already used the classic 1971 Led Zeppelin version of this old Kansas Joy McCoy/Memphis Minnie blues number in a mix ages ago, I used two more cover versions - W.A.S.P.'s faithful take on the Led Zep version (with drummer Frankie Banali more than capably aping the thundering Bonham beat), and a more moodily atmospheric take from A Perfect Circle.

"Crackback" / "City Sirens" / "Like I've Never Been Gone" - And speaking of Led Zeppelin, here are a couple of tracks from the survivng band members' first post-Led Zeppelin releases: Jimmy Page's "Death Wish II" soundtrack, John Paul Jones' "Scream For Help" soundtrack and of course Robert Plant's "Pictures At Eleven." BTW, "Death Wish II" and "Scream For Help" were both directed by British director Michael Winner. Winner had actually wanted Page to do the score for "Scream For Help," but presumably being busy with The Firm he recommended Jones for the job. (Page DID play on two tracks, including a collaboration on the riff-rocking instrumental "Crackback," included here!)

"House Of The Rising Sun" (X 2)" - This particular arrangement of an old American folk song is said to have originated with Dave Van Ronk, whose arrangement Bob Dylan followed on his self-titled 1962 debut. And then of course The Animals followed DYLAN's arrangement in 1964, giving them their first big hit!

"Bennie And The Jets" (X 2) - The classic 1973 original from Elton John...and then a cover version by the Beastie Boys. The latter version is more than capably played by the Beasties, but Biz Markie's vocal is quite hilariously hideous! (HA, HA, HA...) Oh well, I suppose it's good for a chuckle or two... ;)

"Train In Vain" / "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" - The Clash's two biggest hits, covered by the Manic Street Preachers and Living Colour!

There would also appear to be some running thematic motif or at least common element running through Tracks 5-10 of DISC 2...but I'll be damned if I can pin down exactly what that is at the moment! Hey, what can I say? Premature Alzheimer's can be a bitch sometimes... ;)

Mr. Mirage (11-28-2010):
Themes are escaping me lately as well... good job.


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