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Artist Song Buy
Anne Guthrie  Conservatoire, pt 2  buy on itunes
Matthew Florianz  Smelt  buy on itunes
Oophoi   Cold Sun  buy on itunes
Steve Roach & Dirk Serries  Whisper  buy on itunes
Steve Roach   Afterlight  buy on itunes
John Koch Northrup  A Dream of Awakening  buy on itunes
Chris Russell   Orchid  buy on itunes
Jeff Greinke   Crevice  buy on itunes
Xela   The Only Rose   buy on itunes
Dirk Serries   ThereÆs a Light in Vein  buy on itunes
Jeff Greinke  Offshore Search   buy on itunes
Plastikman  In Side  buy on itunes


There I was. Just sitting there. Minding my own business. I wasnÆt even thinking about making another mix [yet].
And then Dirk Serries released several videos highlighting tracks from his forthcoming release, æmicrophonics xxivæà and I was hooked!

So, starting with the track æThereÆs a Light in Veinæ, I crafted [another] mix around DirkÆs latest offering & am making it available (with his kind permission) as both a single & separate (still mixed) track download.

1. Listen:

2. Single track version: contains mix, artwork & text file showing the starting times of each tune within the mix.

3. 12 track mixed version + artwork:
image for mix


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