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miKrophoniKs XDXI

Artist Song Buy
Kluge  Tolophie   buy on itunes
Loren Nerell   Mentation (Excerpt)  buy on itunes
HXDK  Adrift   buy on itunes
Dirk Serries  The Burden of Hope   buy on itunes
Darren McClure   Interiors  buy on itunes
Lanterna   SaturnÆs Rings  buy on itunes
Specta Ciera   Without Knowing  buy on itunes
Bruno Sanfilippo   Visualia III  buy on itunes
Alio Die & Aglaia  Cumulus Congestus   buy on itunes
Elian   City Point   buy on itunes


First the hard..& now the soft; nipped & manipulated the graphic from Dirk Serriesæs (a.k.a. vidnaObmana) latest releaseàfor this mini-mix (50?). A relaxing respite from the din of last weekÆs cacophony.

D/L: (mix, art & text file showing times of cross-fades)
image for mix


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