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Synths & Glasses - for Matt - 1/22/2012

Artist Song Buy
Judy in disguise (with glasses)  Silicone Teens  buy on itunes
A Cat with Glasses  Dragibus  buy on itunes
Eisbar  Grauzone  buy on itunes
Love is the Drug  Grace Jones  buy on itunes
Fred Vom Jupiter  Die Doraus & Die Marinas  buy on itunes
Life After Sundown  Glass Candy  buy on itunes
Mondo Zombie  Herman Kopp  buy on itunes
Gerry & The Holograms  Gerry & The Holograms  buy on itunes
Wild Weekend  The German Measles  buy on itunes
Six Pack  ESG  buy on itunes
Martian Man  Lora Logic  buy on itunes
Orbit Around the Moon  Joe Meek  buy on itunes
Zwei Hande Im Sand  Andreas Dorau  buy on itunes
Portrait of the Artist as a Fountain  Simon Bookish  buy on itunes
Plastic Cowboy (new wave)  The Yummy Fur  buy on itunes
Media  Roberto Cacciapaglia  buy on itunes


Originally compiled this after meeting a soon to be friend. When we met at a show, he was sporting Sally Jesse Raphael Glasses and remarked that he liked the song Eisbar by Grauzone. This tape is build around those two facts.
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