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Playlist | Electronic - Ambient
Playlist | Electronic - Ambient
Playlist | Electronic - Ambient


Artist Song Buy
Plastikman  In-Side  buy on itunes
Zero Ohms  2-6 (interpolating Ligeti_ String Quartet No. 2, Radio36 & No. 7 Galerie Des Anciennes)  buy on itunes
Fripp & Eno  Hopeful Timean  buy on itunes
Red Clouds  Far Away Time  buy on itunes
36  Susumus  buy on itunes
The Green Kingdom   The Dust of Divinity  buy on itunes
36  Dayasan   buy on itunes
O Yuki Conjugate  Estuary   buy on itunes
Henry Frayne  Dawn  buy on itunes
36  Broken Toy   buy on itunes
Steve Roach/Robert Rich  Remembrance  buy on itunes
Marconi Union  Slow Collapse   buy on itunes
36  Levitate  buy on itunes
Periskop  Submerge 1. VI  buy on itunes
36  Another World  buy on itunes
Nordlys  October  buy on itunes
Marsen Jules  Beauty.FearVI   buy on itunes
Jeff Pearce  The Last Secret   buy on itunes


I recently grabbed a copy of Brit Ambient artist Dennis (a.k.a. '36') Huddleston's 2012 groundbreaking 'Lithea' (on BandCamp ( and was very impressed. So I turned it into a mix project...along the lines of my 'Lanterna' project many moons ago...tweaking, embedding samples & having a good time on this first day of 2014 (+ one form the yet to be released BeautyFear by Marsen Jules).
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