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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

8 + 8 = 16

Side A
Artist Song Buy
The Lemon Pipers  I Was Not Born to Follow   buy on itunes
Evaldo Braga  Vem Cá  buy on itunes
Suzi Lane  Morning, Noon and Night   buy on itunes
Randolph Wintgens  Mambo Jambo  buy on itunes
Cullen Omori  And Yet the World Still Turns   buy on itunes
Cocteau Twins  Plain Tiger   buy on itunes
Sebastien Lafleur  Ovarium  buy on itunes
Benoît Pioulard  A Coin On the Tongue  buy on itunes
Ethel Ennis  Dear Friend  buy on itunes
Side B
Bob-a-Rela  Tobacco Road  buy on itunes
Liima  Trains In the Dark   buy on itunes
Nytro  Return to Nytropolis  buy on itunes
Diana Ross  Muscles   buy on itunes
Benjamin Clementine  London   buy on itunes
Les Aiglons  Mes Illusions  buy on itunes
Mouth & MacNeal  Hello-a   buy on itunes


It's my birthday! Figured I'd go ahead and take advantage of the 8/8/16 thing for my birthday mix-tape title. The next time I'll have numbers like this to play with is on 8/8/64, when I'm turning 95.
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