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duck and cover!

Artist Song Buy
beck  diamond dogs (david bowie)  buy on itunes
ben harper  mother mary (patty griffin)  buy on itunes
blind melon  john sinclair (john lennon)  buy on itunes
bran van 3000  cum on feel the noize (slade)  buy on itunes
sarah harmer  trouble in the fields (nancy griffith)  buy on itunes
ben harper  voodoo chile (jimi hendrix)  buy on itunes
nazareth  this flight tonight (joni mitchell)  buy on itunes
sarah polley  courage (the tragically hip)  buy on itunes
westside connection  sould i stay or should i go (the clash)  buy on itunes
tom petty  asshole (beck)  buy on itunes
pearl jam  throw your arms around me (hunters and collectors)  buy on itunes
soul asylum  sexual healing (marvin gaye)  buy on itunes
tori amos   wrapped around your finger (the police)  buy on itunes
the cure  hello i love you (the doors)  buy on itunes
the tragically hip  seven days (bob dylan)  buy on itunes
lunachicks  heart of glass (blondie)  buy on itunes
phish  blackbird (the beatles)  buy on itunes
holly mcnarland  in the air tonight (phil collins)  buy on itunes
ban harper  sexual healing (marvin gaye)  buy on itunes
four non-blondes  misty mountain hop (led zeppelin)  buy on itunes
r.e.m.  wicked game (chris isaak)  buy on itunes


i held off making this mix for a while, but then i thought, everyone's got to have a cover mix in their car for the summer. i thought this was rather "sing-a-long"-able.


Date: 6/29/2001
aaah. NICE. Do you know how much I love the beck cover of 'diamond dogs' and eddie vedder on that hunters and collectors song? a whole lot. good to see them in one place.
Date: 6/29/2001
very nice...is that sarah polley the actress? I actually have a lot of these, but if you wanna trade let me know....
sara k.
Date: 6/29/2001
yeah, the actress. she did this song for the soundtrack to a movie she was in "the sweet hereafter".
Date: 6/30/2001
I thought come on feel the noise was originally Quiet Riot?
sara k.
Date: 7/1/2001
yeah, you'd think so, but they covered slade. i like the quiet riot version a million times better, though.
Date: 8/20/2001
know who else covered slade, right? great big sea -- with 'run runaway.' you betcha.
Date: 8/20/2001
oh, and i 'specially like the mix - should've said. the sarah polley 'courage' is gorgeous.

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