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the sincerest form: covers collected, yet again, july 2001...

Side A
Artist Song Buy
ultra vivid scene  walkin' after midnight (patsy cline)  buy on itunes
god is my co-pilot  out in the streets (the shangri-la's)  buy on itunes
wolfgang press  mama told me not to come (three dog night)  buy on itunes
mogwai  sweet leaf (black sabbath)  buy on itunes
the spinanes  fame + fortune (mission of burma)  buy on itunes
the jesus and mary chain  mushroom (can)  buy on itunes
minor threat  12XU (wire)  buy on itunes
close lobsters   hey hey my my (into the black) (neil young)  buy on itunes
the flaming lips   all that jazz / happy death men (echo and the bunnymen)  buy on itunes
the geraldine fibbers  he stopped loving her today (george jones)  buy on itunes
girls against boys   she's lost control (joy division)  buy on itunes
L7  hangin' on the telephone (blondie)  buy on itunes
the wedding present  i found that essence rare (gang of four)  buy on itunes
elf power   felt good to burn (the flaming lips)  buy on itunes
low  i started a joke (the bee gees)  buy on itunes
Side B
the fall  lost in music (sister sledge)  buy on itunes
flying saucer attack  outdoor miner (wire)  buy on itunes
jawbox  airwaves dream (buzzcocks)  buy on itunes
slug  oh yeah! (can)  buy on itunes
the cramps   surfin' bird (the trashmen)  buy on itunes
the pastels  hurricane fighter plane (the red crayola)  buy on itunes
mudhoney   editions of you (roxy music)  buy on itunes
macha loved bedhead   believe (cher)  buy on itunes
the make-up  hey joe (jimi hendrix)  buy on itunes
seam  this ain't no picnic (the minutemen)  buy on itunes
the jesus and mary chain  my girl (frankie lymon + the teenagers)   buy on itunes
the country teasers   tainted love (soft cell)  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


well, here it is, as enivitable as taxes and fred durst's male-pattern-baldness -- the second batch of covers collected. this time around, i went for the more obscure choices than before; there's some very cool versions here (namely: the wolfgang press, ultra vivid scene and macha renditions, which are all pretty damn stellar) and some very, um, "loose" takes (god is my co-pilot, mogwai and, ahem, the incredibly slipshod and alcohol-soaked country teasers), as well. now if my bloody valentine would only do a version of (is it the archies?) "sugar, sugar", i could die a happy man....


Rob Conroy
Date: 7/4/2001
Dave, you need to hear Shannon Wright's take on "I Started a Joke"... spine-tingling. A great mix, my friend. By the way, I LOVE the Pastels singles disc that you recommended.
Date: 7/4/2001
The Chain doing "My Girl"? Oyyyyy
Date: 7/4/2001
Interesting mix. Coupla notes: The Leaves had a Top 40 hit with "Hey Joe" (1965) and Tim Rose recorded it too before Hendrix did it. The Leaves' original version is a garage classic. Randy Newman wrote "Mama Told Me (Not To Come)" and recorded it (and so did Eric Burdon) before Three Dog Night did it. And if you're talking about the "My Girl" that was a big Motown hit in 1964 (written by Smokey Robinson), it was the Temptations, not Frankie Lymon. Lymon was pretty much washed up by 1957 and well on his way to drug rehab and (soon thereafter) death.
dave e.
Date: 7/4/2001
i knew someone else had done 'hey joe' prior to hendrix, just didn't know who (ever heard the soft cell version? it's completly bonkers!); and i never knew that anyone else besides 3DN had done "mama told me...". cool. as with all of these notations, i usually just reference the artist who'd done the version of the song that i'd known previously; i appreciate your input and thanks for the notes, nautticat...
Date: 7/4/2001
good god.... some great stuff on here. i must track down that god is my co-pilot doing a shangri-la's track! yowzah! is it redundant of me to say you rule!?!?!!?

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