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hidden track:a cover mix

Artist Song Buy
apoptygma bezerk  nothing else matters [metallica]  buy on itunes
wolfsheim  love is strange [dirty dancing sdk]  buy on itunes
fictional  oppurtunities [pet shop boys]  buy on itunes
poupee fabrikk  photographic [depeche mode]  buy on itunes
1000 homo dj's  supernaut [black sabbath]  buy on itunes
revolting cocks  da ya think i'm sexy [rod stewart]  buy on itunes
xorcist  smells like teen spirit [nirvana]  buy on itunes
kevorkian death cycle  relax (assemblage 23 mix) [frankie goes to hollywood]  buy on itunes
laether strip  sex dwarf [soft cell]  buy on itunes
controlled fusion  you [boytronic]  buy on itunes
judson leach  bizarre love triangle [new order]  buy on itunes
nova  oh l'amour [erasure]  buy on itunes


This is a mix with some well known covers, and a bunch of obscure covers. Even though the covers themselves may be unfamiliar, I wanted everyone to be able to recognize the original song.
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Shane Brown
Date: 7/11/2001
This mix is incredible!! I have never heard of some of these tracks before! I also take it that you also have the shut up kitty cd. I love that cd.
Ayyax C.
Date: 7/23/2001
This is a great idea. I also really like some of the ABBA covers I heard mostly from Almighty records. More on the poppy side but still really good.

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