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802.11 |edge-to-edge|

Side A
Artist Song Buy
vir unis  mind link  buy on itunes
fingernail  beat  buy on itunes
antenne  here to go  buy on itunes
jan cardell  mochito  buy on itunes
kenneth graham  protons  buy on itunes
rovo  n'dam  buy on itunes
david coulter  widow's lament  buy on itunes
noise inside of noise  annex  buy on itunes
Side B
tarental  2 sides of myself  buy on itunes
steve roach  pure expansion  buy on itunes
muslimgauze  abu nidel  buy on itunes
storm & stress  the sky's the ground...  buy on itunes
magnetophone  krinkle  buy on itunes
spacer   the beamer  buy on itunes
brian eno  fractal zoom  buy on itunes
rhythm division  uzi  buy on itunes


Experimental noise + vision via wireless LAN.
~ :- p ~ :- p ~ :- p ~ :- p ~ :- p ~ :- p ~ :- p ~ :- p ~ :- p ~ :- p ~ :- p ~ :- p ~:- p
image for mix


dog meat
Date: 7/23/2001
radical stuff,esp the art.where do you get your artwork for the sleeves?
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 7/25/2001
I've tried your e-mail address x 2 & it comes back 'el-bogito'. My mom makes all my mix covers.
Date: 7/28/2001
send it!I'm now on a muslimgauze kick.the transition from Pure Expansion sounds killer!
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 7/29/2001
ha! so I'm reading 'CONTEXT' magazine (my favorite), Aug-Sept issue, and I see that Starbucks, in partnership with Compaq, is relying on '802.11' technology to power their next Internet venture.....MY edge is way ahead of theirs (always has been.....!)

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