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CD | Theme - Narrative
CD | Theme - Narrative
CD | Theme - Narrative

fireflies tickle your nose at night

Side A
Artist Song Buy
the softies  sleep away your troubles  buy on itunes
the 6ths  kissing things  buy on itunes
the magnetic fields  nothing matters when we're dancing  buy on itunes
belle and sebastian  my wandering days are over  buy on itunes
weezer  butterfly  buy on itunes
smashing pumpkins  tonight, tonight  buy on itunes
death cab for cutie  champagne from a paper cup  buy on itunes
tattle tale  she looks at me  buy on itunes
carrie akre  humdrum  buy on itunes
lori carson  snow come down  buy on itunes
garbage   milk  buy on itunes
morrissey  asleep  buy on itunes
cat power  schizophrenia  buy on itunes
Side B
annie lennox  a whiter shade of pale  buy on itunes
shivaree  goodnight moon  buy on itunes
fiona apple  carrion  buy on itunes
portishead  roads  buy on itunes
sneaker pimps  velvet divorce  buy on itunes
rasputina  sign of the zodiac  buy on itunes
trembling blue stars  dark eyes  buy on itunes
mazzy star  into dust  buy on itunes
a promise ring  we don't like romance  buy on itunes
poe  fly away  buy on itunes
majandra delfino  tattoo  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


i made a mellow tape to sleep to, on the nights when i'm hyper and overly caffinated.


Date: 8/13/2001
i didn't know that majandra delfino (it's who i think it is, right? roswell?) had an album out. anyways, this is a lovely sleep tape. good job.
Talia Jacobson
Date: 8/13/2001
nice, nice.
Date: 2/22/2002
i kind of want you to make me a copy of this very very badly
37 pieces flair
Date: 2/24/2003
'Tattoo' of Maj's best songs ever. Why are all the sleep mixes on this site just *incredible?*

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