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CD | Theme - Depression

Laziness Cuts Me Like Fine Cutlery

Artist Song Buy
the smiths  asleep  buy on itunes
pj harvey  is this desire?  buy on itunes
elvis costello  almost blue  buy on itunes
ani difranco  she says  buy on itunes
jeremy enigk  shade and the black hat  buy on itunes
jars of clay  worlds apart  buy on itunes
tegan and sara  divided   buy on itunes
nick drake  time has told me  buy on itunes
pedro the lion  lullaby  buy on itunes
k's choice  i'm not an addict  buy on itunes
mazzy star  flowers in december  buy on itunes
tegan and sara  clever meals  buy on itunes
red house painters  drop  buy on itunes
stabbing westward  why  buy on itunes
moby  when it's cold i'd like to die  buy on itunes
dave matthews band  waste (live, dave solo phish cover)  buy on itunes


I made this, along with two others which I will post, for my friend who does enjoy my music, but tends to drift towards bsb and britney and the likes, so she asked me to make her some mixes.. she knew i would.. she knows music is my world.. and for all i do for her.. i think she's beginning to see my motives.. maybe i shouldn't have put she says on here...
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Date: 11/18/2001
this sounds really depressing, i have a few of the songs on my own down mixes. when i feel really upset, it helps to listen to really upsetting music, I don't know what's wrong with me, but I like it.

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