Laugh It Off: Songs about cars, cows, Christ, sex, and sailing away (with way too much Tenacious D)

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Jello Biafra  Disclaimer  buy on itunes
Tenacious D  Intro  buy on itunes
Chef  Chocolate Salty Balls  buy on itunes
Richard Jeni/Pornosonic  Masturbation  buy on itunes
Nerf Herder  Laundry  buy on itunes
Nerf Herder  Pantera Fans In Love  buy on itunes
Betty Blowtorch  Ugly  buy on itunes
Offspring  Don't Pick It Up  buy on itunes
New Duncan Imperials  Polka Polcahontas  buy on itunes
Tenacious D  Tribute to the Greatest Song in the World  buy on itunes
Showdown  Rodeo Song  buy on itunes
Johnny Socko  Jedi Mind Truck  buy on itunes
Commander Cody  Hot Rod Lincoln  buy on itunes
Jim Staford  Wildwood Weed  buy on itunes
Bob Rivers  What if God Smoked Cannabis  buy on itunes
PCU soundbyte  Complaints  buy on itunes
Johnny Socko  I Like Cows  buy on itunes
Tenacious D  Jesus Ranch  buy on itunes
Ween   Spinal Menangitis  buy on itunes
William Shatner  Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds  buy on itunes
Real Genius soundbyte  Self-realization  buy on itunes
Get Up Kids  Pabst Blue Ribbon  buy on itunes
Offspring  Intermission  buy on itunes
THE BIG D MEDLEY:  Rock Your Socks Off>  buy on itunes
  Spiderman>  buy on itunes
  History of Tenacious D>  buy on itunes
  Kyle Quit the Band>  buy on itunes
  Sasquatch  buy on itunes
Spinal Tap  Stonehenge  buy on itunes
Weird Al   The Saga Begins   buy on itunes


31. Styx/Cartman Come Sail Away (the masterpiece finale)

Another WaveLab creation I made a month or so ago. There's no category for humor...but that's what this one is. Anti-depression. I'll post my notes for the individual tracks as comments...I can't get it to format legibly.
image for mix


Date: 8/21/2001

Track 4: I combined part of Jenis stand-up routine with a track on the Pornosonic album
Cream Streets. I cant remember which track I used and Im too lazy to figure it out.
Track 5: I began with a truncated Monty Python Every Sperm is Sacred clip and led it
Into Nerf Herders Laundry from the Short Music for Short People compilation.

Tracks 6 and 7 are joined by a soundbite from Thae Jerk.
Track 8: I added a quote from Kitt (as in Nightrider) at the end.
Track 10: I began with a clip from Neil of The Young Ones then spliced samples from
Dogma. Quality is flawed.
Track 11: I begin with a sample from Johnny Dangerously. Track 12 is actually Keep on Truckin on the album Full Trucker Effect. I like my song name better.

Track 13: I added a little Simpsons at the end. Doh! Tracks 14 and 15 are joined by a clip from South Park Track 18: I added samples from The Big Labowski. Track 19: I end with a clip from Animaniacs Track 22: I added a quote from Animal House at the end. Track 29: I added the imperial theme music and a sample from Strange Brew at the end. Track 31: I combined the Cartman version with the original to create a unique duet adding samples from the show. I spliced the end of Blindsided from Less Than Jakes Pezcore at the very end.
Date: 8/21/2001
This is very awesome! Are you trading?
By the way, there's no such thing as too much Tenacious D!
Date: 8/24/2001
Wanna' trade? This rocks my socks off! And Nubby is correct, there is never too much Tenacious D, I don't care what anyone says.
Date: 10/15/2001
Yeah, there DEFINITELY should be a humor category...That's all I have to say.

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