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Cassette | Mixed Genre
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I'm Gonna Sink Deep in the River O' Jordan Tonight

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Austin Coleman  Good Lord (Run Old Jeremiah)  buy on itunes
Heavenly Gospel Singers  Mean Old World  buy on itunes
Ernest Phipps & Holiness Singers  Shine On Me  buy on itunes
Alabama Sacred Harp Singers  Present Joys  buy on itunes
Memphis Sanctified Singers  He Got Better Things For You  buy on itunes
Sister Clara Hudmon  Stand By Me  buy on itunes
Eddie Head and His Family  Down On Me  buy on itunes
Blind Joe Taggart  Been Listening All The Day  buy on itunes
Blind Roosevelt Graves and Brother  I'll Be Rested (When The Roll Is Called)  buy on itunes
The Elders McIntorsh & Edwards Sanctified Singers  Since I Laid My Burden Down  buy on itunes
William and Versey Smith  Sinner You'll Need King Jesus  buy on itunes
Blind Willie Johnson  Church, I'm Fully Saved Today  buy on itunes
Washington White (Booker White)  I Am In The Heavenly Way  buy on itunes
Rev. Moses Mason  John The Baptist  buy on itunes
Skip James  Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
Side B
Elder Otis Jones  Holy Mountain  buy on itunes
Sister Mary Nelson  Judgement  buy on itunes
Blind Willie Johnson  I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole  buy on itunes
Luther Magby  Jesus Is Getting Us Ready For That Great Day  buy on itunes
Jaybird Coleman  I'm Gonna Cross The River Of Jordan Some O' These Days  buy on itunes
Blind Roosevelt Graves and Brother  Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind On Jesus)  buy on itunes
Dennis Crumpton and Robert Summers  Everybody Ought To Pray Sometime  buy on itunes
Rev. D. C. Rice and Congregation  In The Battlefield For My Lord  buy on itunes
Rev. F. W. McGee  Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room  buy on itunes
Middle Georgia Singing Convention No. 1  This Song Of Love  buy on itunes
Rev. Edward Clayborn (The Guitar Evangelist)  This Time Another Year You May Be Gone  buy on itunes
Blind Willie Johnson  I'm Gonna Run To The City Of Refuge  buy on itunes
Blind Willie McTell  Lord Have Mercy If You Please  buy on itunes
Rev. J. M. Gates  Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting  buy on itunes
Blind Willie Johnson  God Moves On The Water  buy on itunes
Elder J. J. Hadley (Charley Patton)  Prayer Of Death - Part 1  buy on itunes


I am not a religious man, but there is something in this music that I find in little other music I've encountered. Conviction? Perhaps, though who could argue that the Minutemen did not have conviction? Spirituality? Certainly, but can that not be found in the music of John Coltrane too? All I know is that, perversely enough, this music brings me down to earth hard, like a skydiver whose chute won't open. Maybe that makes sense though. If God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit sprang from the Human Mind then the fifty miles of elbow room that F. W. McGee sings about is somewhere down here among us. If I were to pray, I'd pray that we find it, soon. NOTES: The classification "Blues" is obviously wrong, but it was the closest I could find. Most of this is Gospel Blues, but some of it is pure Gospel and some of it is Gospel tunes done in a Jazz Style. All of it dates from the late 20s and early 30s. At least 65% of the material comes from two sources: Disc 2 of Volume 2 of The Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music and Revenant's compilation American Primitive Vol. 1 - Raw Pre-War Gospel, two unbelievably great collections of music. The rest comes from the following sources: Sony's Complete Blind Willie Johnson and Definitive Blind Willie McTell; Yazoo's Complete Early Recordings of Skip James; and Volume 4 of The Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music, recently issued by Revenant.


Date: 8/27/2001
After reading your fine articles in Spectre, I was hoping you'd have the complimentary disc. Good job.
Rob Conroy
Date: 8/27/2001
This is amazing. In fact, Mr. Handfulls, this could be the trade item we were discussing...
Date: 8/28/2001

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