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I Am Willing But Not Able

Artist Song Buy
Jeff Buckley  What Will You Say? (live)  buy on itunes
Radiohead  High And Dry  buy on itunes
Witness  Freezing Over Morning  buy on itunes
Van Morrison  Beside You  buy on itunes
Lou Barlow  Forever Instant  buy on itunes
Jeff Buckley  Morning Theft  buy on itunes
Ruben Blades  Hopes On Hold  buy on itunes
Big Country  Hold The Heart  buy on itunes
Roger McGuinn  Without Your Love  buy on itunes
Allman Brothers  Please Call Home  buy on itunes
Tim Finn  How'm I Gonna Sleep?  buy on itunes
Alice In Chains  Don't Follow  buy on itunes
Chocolate Genius  My Mom  buy on itunes
Bob Mould  Black Sheets Of Rain  buy on itunes
Guns N' Roses  November Rain  buy on itunes


Another mix of emotionally touching songs. Less simply a depression mix than a combo depression/break up kind of thing. Title comes from the Witness song.
Guns 'n Roses included due to the fact that my birthday is in November and it always seems to rain then here in Vancouver.
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Geoff Holland12
Date: 9/5/2001
Any feedback would be appreciated!
Date: 9/5/2001
my favorite radiohead depression song is exit music (for a film), but high and dry is really good, too. good job.
Geoff Holland12
Date: 9/6/2001
Exit Music is a great song but High & Dry came on in the car when my (now) ex wife and I were having a huge fight that was the quickening of the it has a certain emotional resonance.
Geoff Holland12
Date: 10/14/2001
I love the dog picture...just wanted to state that fact.
Date: 11/2/2001
Craving for feedback...sad.
Date: 12/12/2002
commenting on people *asking* for feedback...more sad

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