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As Nature Intended

Artist Song Buy
The Nomads  I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Kinks)  buy on itunes
DMZ  Cinderella (Sonics)  buy on itunes
Thee Mighty Caesars  Gonna Make You Mine (Shadow of Knight)  buy on itunes
The Del-Monas  Lies (Knickerbockers)  buy on itunes
Alex Chilton  With a Girl Like You (Troggs)  buy on itunes
The Fleshtones  Play With Fire (Stones)  buy on itunes
The Slickee Boys  Pictures of Matchstick Men (Status Quo)  buy on itunes
Stiv Bators  It's Cold Outside (Choir)  buy on itunes
The Dickies  Eve of Destruction (P.F. Sloan)  buy on itunes
Black Flag  Louie Louie (Kingsmen)  buy on itunes
Minor Threat  Good Guys Don't Wear White (Standells)  buy on itunes
Husker Du  Ticket to Ride (Beatles)  buy on itunes
The Mighty Mofos  Afterglow (Small Faces)  buy on itunes
The Bishops  I Want Candy (Strangeloves)  buy on itunes
The Inmates  Midnight to Six Man (Pretty Things)  buy on itunes
Eddie & the Hot Rods  96 Tears (? & the Mysterians)  buy on itunes
Chelsea  No Escape (Seeds)  buy on itunes
The Undertones  Let's Talk About Girls (Chocolate Watchband)  buy on itunes
Sex Pistols  Substitute (Who)  buy on itunes
Radio Birdman  You're Gonna Miss Me (13th Floor Elevators)  buy on itunes
Ramones  Time Had Come Today (Chambers Brothers)  buy on itunes
Alice Cooper  Talk Talk (Music Machine)  buy on itunes
Lime Spiders  1-2-5 (Haunted)  buy on itunes
Echo & the Bunnymen  Action Woman (Litter)  buy on itunes
The Fall  Mr. Pharmacist (Other Half)  buy on itunes
Billy Bragg  7 & 7 Is (Love)  buy on itunes
The Cramps  Psychotic Reaction (Count Five)  buy on itunes


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Rob Conroy
Date: 9/18/2001
WOW. Some huge artists that I love are here, but I've never heard a lot of this stuff... *clears throat*
Date: 9/18/2001
Jeez - never knew Billy Bragg covered Love - can you tell where it's from? Great mix. And great pic too!
Uncle Orca123
Date: 9/18/2001
Geez, I'm a softy for cover mixes and this one is a dandy! Any trade thoughts??

ps: extremely cool cover pic
lo-fi jr.
Date: 9/18/2001
Thanks Sue. The Bragg track is from 'Rubaiyat', a 40th anniversary tribute Elektra records made for itself back in 1990. The concept was contemporary artists covering past Elektra luminaries. Results vary wildly (Faster Pussycat covering 'You're so Vain'? Yikes!). That track, Pixies doing 'Born in Chicago' & John Zorn doing 'TV Eye' are probably the only things saving this pile of monkey crap from BB gun practice.
lo-fi jr.
Date: 9/18/2001
The cover, BTW is from a book of the same title. Nudeism is explained as a desire to live life the way nature intended. Of course we need this illustrated to us with dozens of pictures of ugly exhibitionists (ever wonder what your parents looked like naked? I didn't think so). I was really happy to see these people put towels over their kitchen chairs, though.
James Russell
Date: 9/19/2001
Odd, isn't it, how the people who espouse nudism most vigorously are the sort of people who simply should never be seen in public without clothes on. Nice mix.
Date: 9/20/2001
I just obtained some whacky video of nudist documentary films from the late fifies/early sixties. Strange movies and kitsch culture of the past are another odd obsession of mine. As for this mix, great stuff, excellent choice of covers.
Eric Schmuckler
Date: 9/24/2001
as a confirmed covers maniac, would it be heresy to state that i prefer the originals (which are brilliantly selected) to the versions by these heavy-handed lugs. which is not to say i'm not eager to hear the tracks by stiv, eddie, the undertones, radio b. and more. and are we to assume the cover pic is NOT mr. and ms. lo-fi dining alfresco?
Rob Schader
Date: 11/15/2001
Wow. Where do E&tBm cover The Litter?!

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