i love that one song your band does.

Side A
Artist Song Buy
flowchart  here's where the story ends (the sundays)  buy on itunes
stars  this charming man (the smiths)  buy on itunes
aisler's set  balloon song (14 iced bears)  buy on itunes
all about chad  you are the woman (firefall roberts?)  buy on itunes
the softies  i can't get no satisfaction (thank god) (talulah gosh)  buy on itunes
sarge  time after time (cyndi lauper)  buy on itunes
bunnygrunt  johnny angel (shelly fabrere)  buy on itunes
holiday  candy (magnetic fields)  buy on itunes
glo-worm  crazy town (velocity girl)  buy on itunes
galveston  the ladybug transistor (glen campbell)  buy on itunes
the heartworms  a lover sings (billy bragg)  buy on itunes
galaxie 500  isn't it a pity? (george harrison)  buy on itunes
grenadine  i've only have eyes for you (the flamingos, et al.)  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
Side B
built to spill  by the way (heavenly)  buy on itunes
rose melberg  cupid (sam cooke)  buy on itunes
majestic  rainbow connection (kermit the frog)  buy on itunes
orange cake mix  anticipation (carly simon)  buy on itunes
mates of state  beehive state (randy newman)  buy on itunes
great lakes  this will be our year (the zombies)  buy on itunes
low  transmission (joy division)  buy on itunes
the three peeps  mr. spaceman (the byrds)  buy on itunes
the wedding present  where everybody knows your name (theme from cheers)  buy on itunes
frank black  hang on to your ego (the beach boys)  buy on itunes
the lucksmiths  deep sea diving suit (magnetic fields)  buy on itunes
tullycraft  maybe baby (the ninjas)  buy on itunes
go sailor  blue sky (nar)  buy on itunes
belly  hot burrito #1 (the flying burrito brothers)  buy on itunes
unrest  god gave rock & roll to you (kiss)  buy on itunes


i have been posting tape mixes here since the beginning of the year, and had yet to do a "covers" mix, so here it is. since i have really embraced my more obnoxious indie tendencies, i tried to post obscure indie bands doing even more obscure indie covers. like i've said before, i'm like a pig in shit when it comes to this stuff.


Date: 9/24/2001
Good effort! One question - where is the Weddoes track taken from?
Date: 9/24/2001
This is great! The last time I saw the Luckies play, they did the mag. fields cover, and it was lovely.
Martin Andersen
Date: 11/11/2001
This is very cool.
Date: 11/12/2001
beehive state is a randy newman song! holy shit! i did not know that. wowow. time after time by sarge...it's like candy...ooooh. i'm seeing the lovely miss elmore play here on saturday. good stuff.

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