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What Do You Do When An Iced VoVo Doesn't Cheer You Up?

Side A
Artist Song Buy
my friend the chocolate cake  good luck  buy on itunes
beck  nobody's fault but my own  buy on itunes
wilco  red eyed and blue  buy on itunes
the kinks  dead end street  buy on itunes
the whitlams  buy now and pay later  buy on itunes
you am i   please don't ask me to smile  buy on itunes
billy bragg  valentine's day is over  buy on itunes
bjork  play dead  buy on itunes
brahms  intermezzo in a major  buy on itunes
coldplay  we never change  buy on itunes
portishead  sour times  buy on itunes
Side B
the seekers  the carnival is over  buy on itunes
jeff buckley  corpus christi carol  buy on itunes
frank sinatra  one for my baby (and one for the road)  buy on itunes
the lucksmiths  all the recipes i've ever ruined  buy on itunes
leonardo's bride  things just seem to be falling apart  buy on itunes
"evita"  another suitcase another hall  buy on itunes
billie holiday  gloomy sunday  buy on itunes
nat king cole  autumn leaves  buy on itunes
ben harper  welcome to the cruel world  buy on itunes
ammonia   keeping my hands tied  buy on itunes
harvey danger  wrecking ball  buy on itunes


made by a tres disgruntled rosie after i burst into tears when jarrod gave me a packet of iced vo vos to cheer me up. iced vo vos i believe are an aussie thing, they're biscuits which are sickly sweet and good for the munchies. this tape isn't as good as i hoped as it was made mainly from other tapes because i was staying at a dodgy pub with jarrod, however i won totally with playtime for side one, the tape ended about two full seconds after the conclusion of sour times...ahhhh SATISFACTION!!!


Rob Conroy
Date: 10/9/2001
I dunno, Rosie, looks pretty fine to me...
James Russell
Date: 10/9/2001
Looks pretty good from where I'm sitting too.
WILCO Song kicks mad ass! The mix I posted yesterday actually ended up with that song on it when I went to record it.
Date: 10/9/2001
I third the vote here on this tape looking fine and dandy. I love it when the tape finishes with mere seconds to spare! I've never heard of iced vo vos - I must try them, as I love sickly sweet things. Have you tried Reeses Peanut Butter Cups? They just started selling them in Australia, at Coles and some Targets - very very fine indeed.
Date: 10/9/2001
even in the nosebleeds, it looks just perfect!
Geoff Holland12
Date: 10/10/2001
Nothing quite as thrilling as hearing that click just after the song ends...I kind of miss that with the advent of the burner and all. Nice mix, BTW!

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