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in-between frequencies

Side A
Artist Song Buy
crescent  light/eyes  buy on itunes
z'ev  act 4, scene 4  buy on itunes
in the nursery  groundloop  buy on itunes
technicolor  running  buy on itunes
red snapper  some kind of kink  buy on itunes
automation  condition tiephonic  buy on itunes
surrogat  kitsch  buy on itunes
90 day men  methodist  buy on itunes
neutrino  back to the map  buy on itunes
Side B
technicolor  intro...  buy on itunes
spatula  king george island  buy on itunes
terminal 4  A.D.  buy on itunes
starometska  map of nerves  buy on itunes
king crimson   indiscipline *  buy on itunes
death of marat  the shattered  buy on itunes
automation  prototype II  buy on itunes
ink  REZ icons  buy on itunes
shellac  watch song  buy on itunes


The Equation-::-Disturbing + Caustic = in-between frequencies; beat-erratic...by design, it mixes harsh ambient, math rock, avant-garde and experimental sound-tables. Another in my "I made this for my personal satisfaction" category; (each side progressively moves from harsh ambient to noisy-math rock, to black + bluesy, bruised punkiness); it's LOUD...and not unlike the turbulence that can be found lingering between the frequencies on your radio dial. To quote the [Side A] Automation track: "There's still a lot to push against, yet." The Spatula tune, "King George Island", is a dreamily noisey, melt-in-your-ears treat that I found online. Cover art courtesy of a weekly IT magazine. All mp3, except * (= a CD track)... ~:-p
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Date: 10/14/2001
that is the greatest 90 day men song ever. yes.
Date: 10/14/2001
90 day men make my silver evening gown dampen at the crotch.awesome mix!!
Date: 11/30/2001
this looks really really amazing. i'd love to hear the flow/progression of songs...looks like there's some interesting stuff going on. two thumbs up! way up!

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