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I Woke Up In A Strange Place

Artist Song Buy
All The Cocaine In The World  Webb Brothers  buy on itunes
I Wish  Graham Coxon  buy on itunes
3 Libras  A Perfect Circle  buy on itunes
Inverse Midas  Mansun  buy on itunes
Unintended  Muse  buy on itunes
Sea Song  Doves  buy on itunes
Cigarette  Ben Folds Five  buy on itunes
Beautiful Day  3 Colours Red  buy on itunes
Parachutes  Coldplay  buy on itunes
The Tourist  Radiohead  buy on itunes
This Is Yesterday  Manic Street Preachers  buy on itunes
Jed's Other Poem  Grandaddy  buy on itunes
Manchild  The Eels  buy on itunes
Change (In The House Of Flies) (acoustic)  Deftones  buy on itunes
Cody  Mogwai  buy on itunes
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want  The Smiths  buy on itunes


I never manage to stay awake past "The Tourist." Which is a shame, really, 'cos I love "Manchild", it's such a pretty song.


Date: 11/14/2001
Love this mix (yawn). The Ben Folds Five song always makes (yaaaawn) me wanna cry. Also, (yaaaaaawwwwn), the Grandaddy is a nice inclusion. Please don't listen to this in your car... we'd (yaaaaaaawwwwwnnn)hate to have you falling asleep behind the wheel...(zzzzzzzzz)

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