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Drifting Away After a Night of Smoking on the Dock and Feeling Infinite

Artist Song Buy
The Disco Biscuits  Home Again  buy on itunes
Allan Parsons Project  Time  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Blackbird  buy on itunes
Pavement  Here  buy on itunes
clem snide  joan jett of arc  buy on itunes
Righteous Brothers  Unchained Melody  buy on itunes
Marvin Gaye  wholy holy  buy on itunes
Morphine  You Look Like Rain  buy on itunes
Coldplay  I'll See You Soon  buy on itunes
Elliot Smith  Angeles  buy on itunes
Kelly Joe Phelps  Goodnight Irene  buy on itunes
Yo La Tengo  tears are in your eyes  buy on itunes
Nick Drake  Parasite  buy on itunes
tom waits  saving all my love for you  buy on itunes
Smashing Pumpkins  soothe  buy on itunes
Sparklehorse  Sad And Beautiful World  buy on itunes
phish  billy breathes  buy on itunes
Brian Eno  music for airport 1/1  buy on itunes
Jump Little Children  close your eyes  buy on itunes


Most of these songs remind me of some of the best moments with one of my best friends from home. We used to sit out on the dock in his neighborhood after a night of drinking or whatever and just talk about anything and everything and smoke unfiltered Lucky Strikes. When we could hardly keep our eyes open anymore, we'd go back to his house and sleep in his living room, listening to nick drake or phish or JLC to soothe us to sleep. We had also read 'the perks of being a wallflower' at around the same time and often talked about it.. hence half the title.
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Date: 11/14/2001
as soon as I saw the title I just knew that "feeling infinite" came from that book...that's a line I won't forget, because I find it to be so true at times, that's the only way to describe that feeling...nice mix as well, by the way
Date: 11/14/2001
yeah, its probably one of the best books i've read in a long time. i still can't get over the poem charlie reads in front of all his friends... so depressing. parts of the book like that just made me that much happier when they were 'feeling infinite'
Date: 11/15/2001
I love the title, it says it all. Wonderful mix that I might be putting together soon!
Xiao-Wei Wang
Date: 11/20/2001
the perks of being a wallflower is a wonderful book. what a great mix!
Amy S.
Date: 1/22/2002
Now, that's just so nice. I can picture it. We used to sit outon my friend's dock too. I wish I could have brought out a CD player and listened to Nick Drake all night. I didn't have one, so my friend brought out a little radio. I remember one time "Unchained Melody" came on this scratchy little shower radio we had out there, and it was probably the most perfect thing ever.

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