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[b]Drop the needle.[/b]

Having a roots-based knowledge of DJ culture and turntable history is what makes today’s platter-spinning greats the respected musicians they are. DJ culture has its origins in blues, call-and-response gospel, and jazz cutting contests, as well as early sampling experiments by avant-garde classicists, and, particularly, the Jamaican dance halls of the early 1970s. The pioneering scratch 'n' mix techniques found on Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five's legendary album, [i]The Message[/i], helped set in motion the future turntablism scene. DJ artistry demands new flavors and mediums for expression — something original to incite savvy headz. Innovative slice 'n' dicers sample, mix and conceptualize everything they can get their hands on, transforming their finds into something entirely fresh. Turntablists have become the new rock stars, transforming the turntable into a legitimate musical instrument.
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