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CD | Mixed Genre
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i'll cover you

Artist Song Buy
no doubt  oi to the world  buy on itunes
marilyn manson  tainted love  buy on itunes
sugar ray   abracadabra  buy on itunes
letters to cleo  i want you to want me  buy on itunes
smashing pumpkins  landslide  buy on itunes
our lady peace  needle and the damage done  buy on itunes
lightning seeds  you showed me  buy on itunes
pearl jam  i am a patriot  buy on itunes
mest   i melt with you  buy on itunes
weezer   velouria  buy on itunes
kula shaker  hush  buy on itunes
counting crows  the ghost in you  buy on itunes
fred durst et al  wish you were here  buy on itunes
cardigans  iron man  buy on itunes
travis  baby one more time  buy on itunes
good charlotte  if you leave  buy on itunes
cake  i will survive  buy on itunes
rage against the machine  ghost of tom joad  buy on itunes
dandy warhols  ohio  buy on itunes
dexter freebish  last christmas  buy on itunes
reel big fish  take on me  buy on itunes
incubus  still not a player  buy on itunes
limp bizkit  faith  buy on itunes


i wish i could make this mix, but my burner is broken... i should really get that fixed. i know these might not be the best covers ever, but i enjoy them anyway.


Date: 1/23/2002
I can't believe you would include Fred Durst in this cover list. Blasphemy! As a HUGE Pink Floyd fan, I was appalled to hear him try and cover it. It was O.K with me when he ripped off Faith and made it his own song, but you know you can not re-make a classic like Wish You Were Here... an excellent cover is Fuel doing a cover of Daniel or Going to California, at least Brett Scallions sings...sorry other than that I do think it's a great mix...
Matt Carpenter
Date: 8/16/2002
Man, fuck that anti-Durst shit. Another playa-hatin indie nerd pissin on a band for going platinum. Some cool shit on here. Though the Rage cover of Springsteen is the best song on here. Alsop, since you have the Travis cover, have you heard Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa's version of that song? It's pretty fucked when someone does a goof version of your song and actually sounds better than you do. Of course, Britney blows anyway.

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