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In Memory of Felix

Artist Song Buy
The Beatles   Across the Universe  buy on itunes
Moby  Porcelain  buy on itunes
Pulp   Help the Aged  buy on itunes
Blur   Best Days  buy on itunes
INXS  Never Tear Us Apart  buy on itunes
Pet Shop Boys  Always On My Mind  buy on itunes
Elton John   Rocket Man  buy on itunes
The Cure  Just Like Heaven (Live)  buy on itunes
The Verve  On Your Own  buy on itunes
Radiohead  Karma Police  buy on itunes
The Smiths  I Know It's Over  buy on itunes
Adam Ant  Wonderful  buy on itunes
REM  Everybody Hurts  buy on itunes
Starsailor  Good Souls  buy on itunes
Weezer  Island in the Sun  buy on itunes
James   Sometimes  buy on itunes
Spiritualized  Broken Heart  buy on itunes


I made this CD tonight - at around 4 a.m. on the one week anniversary of Felix's death. It may be silly to make CD's for our pets, but I am still pretty bummed about him being gone. "Island in the Sun" may seem like an odd choice for this CD - but I just imagine me and Felix playing like the guys in the video. Check out Felix's obituary at:
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Date: 1/31/2002
nothing wrong about making a CD for a lost loved one (even if it is a pet.) this makes me want to make a mix for my dog mokie--the greatest dog a boy could ever have.
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 1/31/2002
so sorry about your loss...grieving a pet is a good thing to do.
Date: 1/31/2002
This is really beautiful.
Date: 1/31/2002
This is really beautiful.

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